Philadelphia Tattoo Touch Up Guide

Philadelphia Tattoo Touch Up Guide

When you get a tattoo, you want it to last forever. With the right amount of care, your ink will continue to look great over the years...

When you get a tattoo, you want it to last forever. With the right amount of care, your ink will continue to look great over the years. Unfortunately, fading will occur with your tattoo. Ink can fade due to sun exposure, changing skin conditions, or even aging. Tattoos are susceptible to changes and deterioration. For that reason, your tattoo may need to be touched up during your lifetime. If you have questions about this process, you are in the right place. Here is our guide to tattoo touch-ups in Philadelphia.

What Is a Tattoo Touch-Up?

As you already know, a tattoo is a permanent piece of artwork that remains on your skin. In many cases, you have tiny details that create your desired design. When those elements start to fade, you need to think about a touch-up. Touch-ups often involve adding a few details to correct imperfections and restore the appearance of your tattoo.

After the healing process, you must continue to care for your tattoo. Make sure to follow all of the instructions provided by your artist. Keep in mind that tattoo ink can fade even with the best care. You can make your tattoo look as good as new with a touch-up.

In addition to natural fading, you might need a tattoo touch-up if the area was infected or the ink was placed too deep into the skin. Injuries to the tattooed area might require you to have the ink touched up.

When To Get a Tattoo Touch-Up?

If you have noticed that your tattoo has lost its vividness, brightness, and initial color, you should think about a touch-up. The artist uses similar ink pigment on a faded tattoo to brighten dull areas. The tattoo will have its initial brightness and vividness restored with one or several touch-ups.

You can do a few things to prevent fading. Remember to consult with any of the local Philadelphia tattoo shops for advice. Most of them will want you to apply sunscreen to any areas that will be exposed to the sun or UV rays. You also want to keep those areas hydrated with a gentle lotion. By applying these tips, you can keep your skin healthy.

Tattoos Can Change With Age

After a time, tattoos will change as you get older. Some tattoos will look slightly different after a couple of years. When your skin starts to lose elasticity and becomes stretched, the tattoo will change its appearance. This aging process is completely normal and, unfortunately, inevitable.

Philadelphia Tattoo Touch Up Guide

Tattoo touch-ups are challenging with older skin, but you can still get great results. You want to find a professional tattoo artist who works on older skin. Make sure to discuss your options with the artist. With that, you can find someone who understands your needs so that you can restore the look of your older tattoos.

Are Tattoo Touch-Ups Expensive?

If you contact the original tattoo artist, you may be able to get the touch-up for free. Many artists will guarantee their work, even after a few years. However, if the touch-up requires more work, you can expect to pay for the artist’s time. Some touch-ups are easy, while others can be hard to execute.

Always speak to the artist before sitting down for a session. A complimentary touch-up should be seen as a bonus and not expected. For the most part, you can expect a tattoo touch-up to start at $50. Those prices can move up depending on the severity and size of the problematic area.

How Soon Can I Get a Tattoo Touch-Up?

Depending on the situation, you can get a touch-up about six months after the initial session. Make sure to schedule a touch-up on fully healed skin. If you had an injury or infection, then you may want about 12 months for your skin to regenerate fully. Many people will get their first touch-up between two and five years. If you have a tattoo with bright colors, you can expect some colors to fade around five years. Darker tattoos might not need touch-ups for several years, especially if you have taken care of your skin.

Does a Touch-Up Hurt?

Like the initial inking process, you might experience some pain. Depending on the placement and the number of touch-ups, you could have moderate to severe pain. Remember that no tattoo touch-up is painless. The amount of pain can vary from one person to the other. Some people might feel less pain during a touch-up, while others will hurt more during these sessions. Certain body areas can be more sensitive to the tattooing process, such as the feet, inner thighs, face, knees, and rib cage. If your touch-up is located in an area with thinner skin, you have more nerve endings in those places. With that, you might feel more pain.

Do Touch-Ups Heal Like a Regular Tattoo?

These touch-ups are just like your initial tattoo. You will need to provide your skin with the same type of aftercare. Since the tattoo needle penetrates the skin, the process is the same as a regular tattoo.

In many cases, the touch-ups are done on small areas of the tattoo. A few people have experienced faster healing in those spots since it involves a smaller surface. However, that is unusual. When you need a tattoo touch-up, expect it to have the same healing process as a regular tattoo.

Final Thoughts

You can bring some vibrancy back to your ink with a tattoo touch-up. During this session, you can also hide and fix any problem areas on the tattoo. Remember to schedule these sessions on fully healed skin. If you want to learn more about this process, reach out to your favorite tattoo artist to discover your options.

Need To Find Local Tattoo Shops Near Me?

Whether you want an initial tattoo or a touch-up, Oracle Tattoo Gallery is ready to help. We offer a wide variety of tattoo styles. Our highly trained and experienced tattoo artists will help you find your next great piece of body art. Schedule a consultation by calling 215-638-1601.

Philadelphia Tattoo Touch Up Guide