Why does your eCommerce store need the OpenCart OpenCart Marketplace extension?

Why does your eCommerce store need the OpenCart OpenCart Marketplace extension?

If you have an OpenCart platform, the OpenCart Marketplace Plugin is an ideal approach to do so.

Every eCommerce marketer visions taking their eCommerce business to different levels of success. Further, converting their store into a multi-seller marketplace is one of the many things on the list. Well, if you have been thinking of expanding your business, converting your store into a marketplace is one of the best ideas for you.

The OpenCart Marketplace Extension by Knowband transforms your store into a fully functional marketplace. The OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace Module is a functional and highly configurable module. It helps you do the entire setup from the back-end of the module. In addition, you don't need any coding for the same. In fact, with a few tweaks, you are all set to welcome sellers. Moreover, expand your customer base as well.

So, why does your eCommerce store need the OpenCart Marketplace extension? We'll talk about it in this blog.

Reasons to have OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module

  • Smooth administration of the commission

With the help of the OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace Plugin, the store admin set the global commission rate without any hassle. Further, he can do that for various sellers reliant upon an overall rate preface or can even set commission rates for individual sellers. Hence, everything manages faultlessly from the back-end of the store.

  • Restriction on product cutoff and classification usability for multiple sellers

The admin can set the number of products and classifications that are for product development by multiple sellers. By and by, the store admin has all the unequivocal capacity to make all of the decisions. Furthermore, concerning keeping the number of product classifications for sellers on their marketplace store. The OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module helps in getting it done with ease.

  • Basic administration of the seller's record through an intuitive interface

Though, as a customer, you may have multiple options for picking the best marketplace module among various open Marketplace plugins. However, this OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace extension by Knowband is the best choice. Why? Further, because of the presence of an insightful user interface. In addition, the extension simplifies it to handle various errands. Thus, you can carry out quick enhancements in the merchant's record. The admin can admin do it through this engaging and user-friendly seller dashboard design.

  • Eliminates the issue of stock

Handling and managing the stock is an amazingly fundamental and requesting undertaking. It incorporates a lot of human work and time. In addition, which is required during stock administration. However, because of this OpenCart Multi seller Marketplace module, there is no necessity for any stock administration. Moreover, for offering your products to online customers. It will save your time and money to this endeavor of stock administration.

  • Timely alerts and updates about development on your multi-seller marketplace

The OpenCart Marketplace Module has an unbelievable email notification system. It is a fit to give timely alerts and notifications to any leftover concerned individuals in the marketplace community. It can give all the information about events that are happening inside your online marketplace. Furthermore, the information to purchasers, sellers, and store admin for taking an important action quickly. This will help in taking the right business decision without any hiccups.

  • The OpenCart Multi Seller Marketplace Module gives the fundamental seller information

Purchasers habitually don't have an idea concerning how to pick the right seller for making an online purchase. The Marketplace worked by the OpenCart Marketplace Module is helpful. It can give the once-over of all sellers close by their rating on the product page for improved online purchases. With the help of this essential information, purchasers can choose the right determination of sellers without any problem. The OpenCart Marketplace Plugin engages purchasers to search for any seller on the marketplace. This happens in a quick manner for making the right buying decision.

  • Gives an informative product page to purchasers

The OpenCart Marketplace has commanded the second notification of overall purchasers because of the presence of its informative product pages. Purchasers can see significant information like seller name, seller rating, and other merchant details on the product page itself. Thus, this helps for empowering quick buying decisions. Other than this, purchasers can get essential information about various related products from a similar seller on the product page as well.

In the End

The OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace Extension by Knowband is an amazing option that helps you have a functional marketplace. Starting from accepting/rejecting the seller requests, the OpenCart Marketplace Extension has numerous features. The module by Knowband comes with a helpful support team that helps you do the setup with ease. You can contact them for all kinds of queries about the module.