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This Internet Toy Is Completely Broken

It's kinda sad. How can I possibly follow 340,000 people? How can I possibly see 4,500 pieces of anything in a day?

This Internet Toy Is Completely Broken

Is it really broken?

Why are we trading 1 piece of depth for 100 pieces of s..t?

No question relationships develop in funny ways.  But for the most part, relationships develop due to some common connection.

I have always had a theory, the faster you get into a relationship, the faster (usually) you get out.

In business, business happens often when the pain of the consumer (hunger) meets the message of the business (Juicy Hamburger)

Now-a-days businesses are out there with more hooks on the line than ever before and they still can't pull in a fish.  You tell me... No seriously, tell me how it is that businesses have all of these tools, and they still can't grow their business.

Because it's crazy

All of this is crazy, and I am part of the crazy. There must be 1000 times the amount of information out there compared to just a few years ago.

I see tonnes of stuff, but what I remember is the deeper connections I make.  Not the follow me, follow you connections.  We are now 5 years into SOCIAL MEDIA, and ALMOST EVERYONE has, let's just say many, connections on LinkedIn, they don't even know who that person is. Guilty.

How do we possibly cut through the crazy?

You know, I know, we all know when we are trying to throw enough crap against the wall to make it stick. So, if we know when we are throwing it, we must know the receiver is ducking.

And yes, we all know that we spend crazy amounts of time as mindless fake sponges pretending we are developing all of these connections online or surfing youtube. :)

Don't get me wrong, there is some great entertainment and knowledge online. However, the reality is, if we are honest, we are wasting ridiculous amounts of time.


The Internet actually isn't broken, it's us that is temporarily broken.

Have you ever heard the saying, we get out of life what we put into it?

All I am saying is this...

Whether you are putting something out there or taking something in, value your time, truly value your time and you are going to find the Internet is ridiculously powerful.

If we start to focus on finding and presenting quality of anything and not a quantity of garbage...

I am sure we will all find, this is where true connections are made.


What do you think?

How does the Internet drive you crazy?