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BLOGGERS: Klusstering vs. Blogging

So you want to get found, really found online do you?

BLOGGERS: Klusstering vs. Blogging

Blog Of The Future?

Back in 2003, a bunch of sites started to emerge.  These sites were known as blogs.  Web Log or Blog for short. 14 years later,  blogs like the Huffington Post emerged victorious, but the vast, vast, vast majority of bloggers, wrote for well, themselves.

Not only that, the concept of being a travel blogger and making money from travelling the world, wasn't, isn't as easy people thought it to be.

The Reason?

One blog, one person, on average doesn't have the stamina to write enough content, understand SEO and have enough connections to become a household name.

Blogging isn't the first time a trend has happened that caught fire and fizzled, and it won't be the last.  This has been the promise with eCommerce, Websites, and now YES, even social media. Sadly tens of millions of blogs haven't had entries for years.  It is just too hard to get found in a single blog.

We were fortunate enough to reach 35,000,000 people and make a living, but we realized, there had to be a better way.

The Solution: Klusster

Build A Klusster Publication

...and they will come.

So... Klusster allows groups (bloggers, businesses and more) to get together and build a community online where everyone gets found.

Klusstering is the act of working together with fellow bloggers to build a true media property.  Not to mention, that Klusstering allows you to come together to generate revenues.

Read About The Super Blog!

We are Klusster Media Inc. We have been fortunate enough to reach 35,000,000 people online. Now it's your turn to get found.

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