How to Find a Date for a One-Night Stand

How to Find a Date for a One-Night Stand

Single night adventures are what make being single really fun.

The advantage of not having a long-term partner is that you can potentially date multiple people without any problems. This is why there are many casual dating sites that help men and women achieve this goal.

How to Start

Getting started is always difficult, it is for everything. Starting a conversation with a stranger, especially if you are already in your later age, is fraught with a fair amount of difficulties. For simplicity, it is recommended to start with online dating, the site which is perfect for mature people looking for a relationship, or young people who are willing to hang out with someone older.

How do you start a conversation on a dating site? The rule is: "the one who asks commands." This means that the person asking the questions is in control of the situation. This is due to the fact that the one who answers will be passive, and the only thing he can do is answer the questions that lead to a conversation and take a step back. In this case, it is easy to adapt, plus, by asking questions, you continue to maintain a conversation, show interest, receive important information about your online partner, but not only. We are all a little self-centered, so your match will enjoy your interest and attention, it will increase loyalty and raise the disposition to continue dating.

However, keep in mind that dating chat is not an interview, so talk about yourself and your preferences as well.

Get to Know

The way to get to know a person and know something about them is to ask them. Nothing easier, right? Again, the advice is to ask questions, show interest and listen to the answers. The better you get to know a person, the easier it will be to empathize with them. By knowing what they like, what they want and what they do, you have a better chance for a casual date. Remember, too, that asking questions is useless if you don't remember the answers. Obviously, you don't have to take notes while they talk in video chat, but really listen and interact as necessary, don't interrupt but try to bring value to their story.


Complimenting is always an excellent move, everyone likes to be told that you are beautiful and talented. It makes you feel better and feeds your self-esteem. In addition, by paying a compliment, you will make clear your feelings and what you feel for someone, but be careful, because compliments must be measured and done in the right context. You can't think of chatting to a stranger and telling them she has nice breasts. Your compliment will not be received as such (because it is not) but rather as a slimy and vulgar look. Give sincere compliments to someone you are talking to and make them appropriate. A compliment to the eyes or a smile will have a different effect than a compliment to the butt.

The purpose of a compliment must be to raise that person's self-esteem and not objectify it. Recognizing the difference is easy. First, ask yourself what your purpose is and then read the situation. Texting a mature woman online and starting with a compliment on her physique can not be a good start in some cases. Doing it instead of something she says or does after you are talking is a good compliment, when you already know what she is looking for.

Be Honest

If your purpose is simply to have a short fun night, say it now, make it clear to avoid unpleasant situations to say the least. Making things clear early on as well as avoiding hurting your feelings or the woman you're talking to will save you time. There is no point in spending a lot of energy with a woman who wants a serious relationship if it is not what you want and the same goes for the opposite.

Having said that, it is normal that you cannot even begin by saying that you only want to have a one-night stand. What you have to do is read the situation and when the time is right (so before going on a live date) make it clear if you only want a casual hookup and physical relationship and not something serious and romantic. Try to be correct and if at first it may seem strange, you will see that over time it will become normal and you will also be able to find suitable people who, like you, do not want to commit but just have fun.