What Does the Word 'Diet' Really Mean?

What Does the Word 'Diet' Really Mean?

From the Greek word "diaita" which means "way of life", it had a totally different meaning than we think of today!

So with the second wave of the Pandemic firmly with us, it might be a great time to change our way of life to make healthier choices in what we eat and then reap the rewards of a healthier life.

We recently had fitness expert and author Amanda Gazzola on our podcast talking about all things healthy lifestyle which she incorporated into her book:  "Finally a Diet that Works for Me" which will be published shortly.

Here are her top tips for a healthier lifestyle

  • Cut down on processed foods or cut them out altogether
  • Cook more foods at home instead of eating out
  • Not everyone looks like a rockstar, so don't beat yourself up if your shape isn't perfect.  Healthy is what matters
  • If you are on a weight loss journey, don't do it on your own, you need encouragement to change your eating and exercise habitsReward yourself with something on your "forbidden" list such as chocolate
  • Change out carb filled "junk" food with something healthier such as an apple or a piece of cheese
  • Proteins keep you filled up longer than carbs.
  • If others are eating junk food, leave the room and find your healthy snack in the fridge or on the shelf
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand
  • Reward yourself with something on your "forbidden" list such as chocolate every once in a while but just don't eat the whole box of chocolates this holiday season!

Find your tribe who will help you on your healthier life journey.

To hear the full podcast with Amanda, click here

What Does the Word 'Diet' Really Mean?

Stop Dieting and start listening to your body