Is Clubhouse audio drop in still a 'thing'?

Is Clubhouse audio drop in still a 'thing'?

Have you used Clubhouse or another audio drop in app? Still on the fence? You may have missed the boat!

Clubhouse debuted in March 2020 as a new way to harness an old format - audio - in a powerful app. It was unlike any other app in that it offered drop-in group chats.

It was intended to allow like-minded people to create rooms to discuss, learn and share vital information in a curated and moderated way. There would be a 'stage' where the moderator could invite experts up to take turns passing the 'mic', to share their lessons and knowledge to help the assembled audience. The floor could be opened up to invited audience members to ask questions or provide feedback.

It also had the benefit of allowing you to showcase your knowledge and skills in an environment that was well suited to finding potential clients. You could join other's rooms or create your own and invite others to chat about topics near and dear to your heart, or business. Growth, parenting, entrepreneurship, life hacks, gardening, it all co-existed on Clubhouse. Plus you would get notifications to your phone about new rooms and drop in to see what was happening.

When it debuted, it was an invite-only iOS exclusive app, which only increased the appetite and curiosity about it. Android users were initially shut out. You needed to get a special invite from someone you knew to join the clubhouse, secret handshake aside. When YOU joined, you were given 5 invites to allow other cool people into the clubhouse too, which meant it grew slowly but was meant to set it up for success.

Fast forward to September 2021, and how is Clubhouse doing? Not well it seems!

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Clubhouse numbers drop


As the pandemic wore on, Clubhouse app downloads seemed to peak earlier this year then dropped, for a variety of reasons. The main reasons were some of the rooms were not well moderated and could go off topic, and some other social media companies like Twitter and Facebook announced their own audio drop in apps to keep people in their walled gardens. Plus, if you signed up for notifications, your phone blew up every time someone started a room or invited you to a chat - it was overwhelming.

What's next?

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What's Next


Social media is still very much a 'thing', intended to help others connect both with friends and family, and seek out potential clients and customers. I know people that still have unused invites, as people are no longer trying to join the fun. Will clubhouse disappear entirely?

Hard to tell, but I think the value of being able to chat with larger groups will survive, but it might be on another platform like Facebook.

What are YOUR thoughts on Clubhouse? What other new social media platforms excite you? I've seen some influencers use Community, but I haven't explored that yet.

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