Is a podcast simply a sales pitch? No!

Is a podcast simply a sales pitch? No!

I discuss why a podcast is way more than just simply another sales pitch to existing and new clients, and how it can be a dynamic education and marketing tool

Podcasts can be misunderstood - is it a marketing tool or sales pitch; is it a promotional tool; is it an educational tool; is it an entertainment or infotainment tool? All of those!

Depending on your target audience, your podcast can be structured to provide any and all of those, even in the same show.

Tell people what you're going to tell them in the podcast, tell them, then recap at the end of each episode reinforcing what you told them. Whether it's celebrity culture, gardening tips, parenting a teen, discussing changes to industrial design, a study of crime, all of these can be featured in podcasts.

Is a podcast simply a sales pitch? No!

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Take a quick look at the Apple Podcasts directory - 1000's of podcasts on any topic you can imagine, most lovingly crafted and produced, ready for listeners. Some are meant to be used as lead generation, some simply exist as a labour of love, meant to charm, inform, create community, expand religious services, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can I use a podcast to gain more clients?
A. YES! Sharing your knowledge and success stories in your business demonstrates your authority as an SME (subject matter expert) in your given field in your own voice, and can sway/influence clients to reach out and book services. Whether it's accounting, landscape design, health and wellness services, or renovations, pick a pain point and inform them how you can reduce their pain! It can be WAY more than marketing!

Is a podcast simply a sales pitch? No!



Q. Can I make money from the podcast?
A. YES! But how did you want to make money from it? You could find sponsors, businesses that share your mission and want to enable it by financially supporting your podcast by being a sponsor or advertiser. Two very different things, so be careful. You could also use it as lead gen to showcase your book, or your other media appearances, or to gain speaking engagements. There are many ways to monetize a podcast, let your imagination run wild!

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Money and success

Q. Aren't I giving away my knowledge for FREE?!
A. Yes, and No! Most if not all online businesses these days give away a gift in exchange for an email address, so that you can add them to your mailing list and keep them informed of all your projects. A podcast can be a way to build trust, prove you are an expert, and give VALUE so that clients get more from you than just an invoice. And a way to ask for business even if you're not directly asking them to book you, though you can absolutely do that. The possibilities are endless!

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What are YOUR thoughts on podcasting? Do you see the possibilities?

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