How to Brainstorm Podcast Topics

How to Brainstorm Podcast Topics

You’ve decided you want your own podcast, what ARE you going to talk about? How to brainstorm enough podcast topics for weeks follows ==>

How to Brainstorm Podcast Topics

First, decide the theme of your podcast - health and wellness; farming; investing; celebrity interviews; pet fashion, etc. What are you passionate about? What are you experienced at? Would people want to hear about your passions or your experience? I’m pretty certain that most podcasts can find a rabid audience of like-minded people that will want to listen. Ask yourself what your goals are for the podcast, what benefit are you providing by doing this, and finally who is the intended audience - your tribe. The tone of the podcast - is the podcast ‘fluffy’ and fun, or intense and serious, will also drive your topics list generation.

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So many topics!


The key is to create content for what you are passionate about, as the podcasts are imbued with your passion - people can literally FEEL your passion coming out of the headphones or off your video! If you happen to be passionate about what you have experience in, even better. Are you passionate about being healthy and eating well, and just happen to be a nutritionist? This could be a very informative and eye opening podcast. Do you love celebrity culture and have connections to interview them? People love to know what celebrities are up to.

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Next, once your concept is nailed down, I suggest that you create a whiteboard list of topics related to your show theme. DO NOT censor yourself at this critical point, merely write down as many topics as you can, with no expectations that you will even do this topic or have someone to chat with you about it. They can be timely topics (who are your Oscar picks for this year), or they can be evergreen (tips to help you purchase your first home). At minimum you should have at least 13 topics, which will carry you through your first 3 months of shows, assuming all the topics are engaging and are worthy of discussing. Perhaps you can break down larger topics into multiple shows - investing for beginners, investing for small portfolios, investing for large portfolios.

Now that you have your master list, examine each topic to ascertain its relevancy to others (i.e. does it apply to or affect others?) and how engaging the topic is (would people really want to hear about this topic, and then share it, and does it solve a pain point for them?). Perhaps rank them on relevancy and engagement. Park the ones that are low on the scale, and revisit them from time to time to see if they rank higher. Examine each topic to see if there is another Subject Matter Expert you could chat with on the podcast about the topic. Solo podcasts can be great, but there is undeniable energy when 2 or more people discuss a topic, especially when the viewpoints differ and cause a bit of friction, leading to deeper discussions.

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Two heads are better than one!


Then, create a schedule of your current list of topics. Which topic will be discussed on the first show, second show, etc. and start making inquiries to book guests for each show, if needed/desired. Research relevant hashtags to earmark your content once completed, to expose it to a larger audience. Research Facebook groups to determine if your topics have their own groups or pages, as they may offer promotional exposure, or a place to find guests.

Continually review and add to your list of topics. When attending trade shows, industry events and networking events, cultivate a list of potential guests that align with your theme…subject matter experts that can add credibility and exposure to your show, and give them a bigger audience.

How to Brainstorm Podcast Topics

Podcasts will continue to grow for YEARS!


Don’t be afraid to change the schedule if one of your topics suddenly hits the headlines, you can add your voice to the conversation from your unique perspective and show leadership. Perhaps your show concerns investing, how does a dramatic rate change one way or the other potentially affect your tribe? They view you as the authority on the subject, make sure you’re talking about the topic WHILE it’s in the news and top of mind, rather than days or weeks later, when you appear to be a follower, not a leader.

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