Bacon and Eggs - A meal for life.

Bacon and Eggs - A meal for life.

Finding Your Bacon & Eggs.

A Simple Life Is Only A State of Mind Away

Bacon and Eggs isn’t the end game. It isn’t a favorite, it is a state of mind. Bacon and Eggs is the point where you are happy, living simple, and loving what you have. It is a tremendous place to be. When you find your Bacon and Eggs, everything just seems like it’s going to be OKAY.

Simple, life

Maybe your simple life is a roller skate in the park?

The Revelation

I started making the observation years ago. I loved Bacon and Eggs, over medium, rye toast, well done. I think I have ordered that meal close to a 1000 times. I eat it the same way every time too. I stack the eggs on the toast, I cut the eggs and toast put it in my mouth and shove some bacon in the mix for fun. When all is said and done, I put the ketchup in a massive pile on the home fries and have about half. 10-15 minutes later, I am done. The perfect meal… For me anyway. Simple.

I got to thinking, why do I love the same thing over and over again? And what gives me such incredible peace about this state of mind?

I am certainly not saying I don’t strive for change or growth or like different foods. In fact, I like food from all around the world. What I am saying is maybe bacon and eggs is an analogy for being grateful. If we had to have something different, every time we eat, it would be tough to be happy. Happy to me was some sort of comfort and consistency or balance.

Your Bacon and Eggs

What is your bacon and eggs?

There are three parts to this

ONE: Be grateful. Grateful every single day for what you have. Be grateful for simple. Some of the best things in life don't cost a thing or much. Stories of happy are all over, but I think I am happy for bacon and eggs.

TWO: Be happy you even have an option to choose. If you are changing your mind about the meal you are going to eat, be grateful every single day for the opportunity to have choice in what you eat.

THREE: If you change your mind, and make a choice, enjoy the ride. So often we make a choice and have regret for some of these choices. Like it or not, whatever choice you make, be it a meal or a major life decision, the reality is when we grow the most is when we get outside our comfort zone.

Easier said than done? I don’t know. You may have some sort of circumstance in your life that you want to change, but don’t feel you have the control to change it as fast as you want. Maybe you don’t like your job or you are in a relationship you don’t like. I get it. But by being grateful for the fact that you have a job, and recognizing you don’t like it, now you are in the fortunate position to enjoy the process to get yourself out.

And while you are in this process, learn about yourself, be aware and how you behave in this process and how you want to behave in this process. But always be grateful for your simple.

Kids Can Be Your Simple

Maybe Your Children Are Your Peace

My bacon and eggs is a philosophy and you are welcome to use all or part of it. It’s about loving the things you love and appreciating the simplicity of comfort. It’s loving your bacon and eggs, your same thing every day. It’s your home (a feeling of good). Love it, appreciate whatever that is and if it is someone, for goodness sake show them you appreciate it.

If you do get outside your bacon and eggs, be grateful that you got to choose anything at all. And when you make a new choice, appreciate the changes you get to be part of. It’s not about thinking about what you don’t have and negativity. It’s about enjoying the ride.

A great book called FLOW might help you see this point. TED TALK FLOW - THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS. If there is something you want, believe me, once you get it, it’s not the prize at the end, it’s the destination to get there.

I gotta go, I gotta get me some bacon and eggs.


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