A Great Way to Maintain Strength While Working From Home

A Great Way to Maintain Strength While Working From Home

How to get rid of the stress of working from home by increasing and maintaining strength, balance, flexibility and mobility

Sitting is said to be the new smoking.  If you are working from home, and sitting behind a computer for long periods of time, your body isn't getting the exercise it needs.  That's one reason standing desks have become so popular.

Just because you are working from home, doesn't mean that you are working in a stressless environment.   It actually could be even more stressful as you navigate working while your partner is also at home, and maybe your children too!

Our podcast guest, Liz Grantham was burned out from working in a stressful environment, so she became the founder of The Optimal Me.

What you will learn in the podcast with Liz is

1)  How the Optimal Me workouts are different from yoga or pilates or any other movement programs

2)  How these movements specifically address the physical ailments found in female entrepreneurs

3)  What is the impact of working from home or other COVID-19 issues have on staying functionally fit

4)  Other wellness tips and recommendations from Liz in conjunction with movement.

Here is a link to the full podcast.

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