Supporting Local Just Got Easier With The Community Caring Box

Supporting Local Just Got Easier With The Community Caring Box

The Community Caring Box combines supporting local & marketing your small business into a seasonal subscription box that the whole family can enjoy!

2020 has been an exceedingly difficult time for everyone but specifically so for brick and motor business owners. With so many businesses being affected by the global pandemic, Connie Ward & Caroline Buzzanga knew that they had to do something that would not only pull them out of a rut but also help many other business owners within their community.

Connie and Caroline are both long time entrepreneurs, moms and residents in Halton with a passion for supporting small businesses. Connie is the founder of The Royal Academy of Arts & Education while Caroline is the founder of Creatively Beautiful Salon. Both of their businesses are in Georgetown and were inevitably impacted by COVID-19.

Supporting Local Just Got Easier With The Community Caring Box

How it Started

When the reality of the new normal sunk in, these savvy entrepreneurs decided to tackle the new challenges they were met with by coming together and starting a new business which would not only benefit them but would ultimately help provide other local businesses with a new and innovative way they can share their products with the community. It was from this basis that the Community Caring Box was built.

The Community Caring Box is a seasonal subscription box featuring products and services from Halton entrepreneurs. The pandemic has been a difficult set back for many entrepreneurs which has not only impacted sales but has also made it difficult for these businesses to allocate budget into things like marketing channels. The Community Caring box offers businesses a unique and affordable marketing strategy by providing their products & services with exposure for a fraction of the price of other marketing avenues.

Many of the small businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic have traditionally relied solely on their in-person business model and as a result have not developed a mature online presence. Building an online presence from scratch can be time consuming and difficult to do with limited resources. The Community Caring Boxes can be great for entrepreneurs tackling this challenge as these boxes provide a more accessible and localized approach to marketing.

These subscription boxes will enable our hard working and creative entrepreneurs to get their products and services discovered by nearly 1000 homes every season.

Supporting Local Just Got Easier With The Community Caring Box

So What's In The Box?

Each of these seasonal boxes will feature up to eight unique, full-sized products from Halton entrepreneurs. The product categories will range from art, beauty, entertainment, food, wellness & much more. With such a broad range in business contributions, the Community Caring Box is designed for the entire family to enjoy.

Whether you are looking to become a more engaged member of your community or you have a small business with a product or service worth sharing, the Community Caring Box truly is a unique and exciting way to support Halton businesses.