Solving Issues of The Thyroid From The Inside Out

Solving Issues of The Thyroid From The Inside Out

Did you know there are signs from the body that can indicate a problem with your Thyroid? Jeff Martin identifies these problems and tackles them holistically.

“Let your eyes do the talking” has a whole different meaning at Clovers in Georgetown. At this holistic health clinic, Jeff Martin conducts full body analysis to assess what could potentially be going on within your body.

Jeff Martin recently appeared on an episode of YourTV’s, Better Together as ONE where he discussed what clients can expect during a visit to Clovers as well as some of the leading health problems he discovers in patients including issues with the thyroid, one of the most commonly detected ailments.

The Analysis

Each visit to Clovers begins with a holistic body analysis where Jeff will look for specific signs and indicators of issues within various areas of the body to discover what may be going on inside. The main areas of analysis are the eye, tongue, teeth, face, and fingernails. You may also expect to be assessed with acupressure points and muscle testing. In the clip below, Jeff conducts a holistic body analysis on Better Together as ONE host, Claire Gavin.

Better Together as ONE

The Thyroid

The thyroid can be the underlying cause of many health problems which may be uncovered during your holistic body analysis. Issue’s with one’s thyroid may be detected within the eyebrows, the tongue, the eyes & the hair.

“The thyroid doesn’t give many symptoms that scream disease, but it leads to many other diseases.” Jeff Martin explains in his recent appearance on Better Together as ONE. Holistic health is all about being proactive rather than reactive and receiving a holistic body analysis is one way that you can take matters into your own hands.

Symptoms of Thyroid Problems

There are many signs and symptoms that may indicate a thyroid issue.

1) A flat tongue

2) Tired for no reason, crash

3) Bulging Eyes

4) Headaches/ Migraines

5) Heart Palpitations

6) Loss of Hair, or Thinning Hair

7) Concentration/Memory Loss/ ‘Foggy Brain’,

8) Depressed or Cry Easily or Anxiety or Nervousness

9) Frequently Sick / Low Immune

10) Hormones or Prostate Symptoms

11) Affects other areas of the body

Solving Issues of The Thyroid From The Inside Out

Symptoms of Thyroid Issues

Resolving a Thyroid Issue

While you should always consult your physician when experiencing any issues within your body it Is great to combine holistic and conventional medicine to avoid taking unnecessary amounts of medications which may cause problems of their own over time.

Susan Wilson is a client at Clovers who had thyroid issues of her own. On the show, she explains her struggle over time with taking prescription medications and consistently feeling tired. Susan wanted to get off of her medications as she knew that taking them for a long period of time could be bad for her health and she knew that Jeff would be just the person to get advice from.

Jeff recommended his product Rekick which is used to boost the thyroid along with Cellenda which is used to help absorb the Rekick. After six months of following Jeff’s advice, Susan was able to start getting off her medications. She also reports that since making these holistic changes she has noticed her energy levels rise and the health of her skin, hair and nails improve.

The Miracle Products

After dealing so many similar issues in several people, Jeff decided to create his own product, Soul Life. Soul Life is the brand behind miracle products Reckick and Cellenda. These products are completely safe as they are simply nutritional and have demonstrated great results in the clients at Clovers.


The thyroid and other issues can live in the body and remain unnoticed due to lack of obvious signs and symptoms. Whether you have an existing issue that you are aware of or you just want to ensure that everything is running smoothly, a visit to Clovers for a holistic body analysis could be just what you need. Jeff will work with you to optimize your health by finding the best nutritional solutions for you. Book your holistic body analysis today!