LifeStretch Webinar Follow Up

LifeStretch Webinar Follow Up

After an overwhelmingly successful LifeStretch webinar which 75 people registered for, I realized the demand for a regular class is needed!

On May 7th I did a webinar called "Stretch the COVID out from Head to Toe," where 75 registrants experienced a 30 minute LifeStretch class. LifeStretch is a series of stretches guided by a certified LifeStretch instructor. The goal of these stretches is to increase the space in your joints resulting in reduced pain, stiffness and tension and improved mobility, circulation and quality of movement.

Over the last two weeks I've completed multiple one on one sessions with clients that found the webinar extremely helpful and gave them relief from whatever issues they were facing.

I'm excited to announce that starting the week of June 8th I will be offering classes twice a week. In order to see significant results, dedicating at least 2 hours a week to LifeStretch is highly recommended. Although you will have the option for once a week if that suits your schedule better. Each week I will focus on a different fascial net so you will never experience the same class twice. The first block will be 4 weeks that will run from June 8th to July 3rd. The classes will be Monday/Wednesday 9am.

I look forward to working with you and helping you reduce stress and tension, while improving your mobility and movement!

LifeStretch Webinar Follow Up