They say a picture says a thousand words!

They say a picture says a thousand words!

A beautiful picture that says everything!

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They say a picture says a thousand words and this beautiful picture says so much!. In the centre is birthing mama and holding her left hand is her parter, holding her right hand is her birthing coach & Perinatal Support Worker Laura from the Babeez team! This picture shows perfectly how having a support person at your birth and even postpartum at home is not about replacing parents but to help facilitate the beautiful experience we all imagine having a baby would be!

Thank you to mama for sharing this picture and testimonial and for angels like Laura who support new and expecting parents every day!


Laura was absolutely incredible. This was my second birth and I was determined to have a better experience with delivery and the recovery after. Her labour support was phenomenal and allowed me to go through the delivery without pain medication. She helped me through every contraction. My recovery has also been really fast. I will be forever grateful for having her support to birth my baby boy into this world.


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