Your Garage takes up a lot of Visual Real Estate.

Your Garage takes up a lot of Visual Real Estate.

If your garage doors are weathered, in poor shape, or clash with the style of your home then a replacement will greatly increase your home’s curb appeal.

Garage Doors - So often overlooked!

Shopping around for a new garage door used to be a very simple decision as designs and styles were limited. Today, garage doors have evolved, and even though reasonably priced, they are still a major investment.

It’s best to match your garage door to the style of your home. Look for a door that matches your architecture, materials, and colours. Match up a modern home with a sleek glass-paned garage door. Choose an estate style door for your manor or select from a wide range of traditional, colonial, rustic or craftsman style doors.

A variety of garage door models are available, and our Fasada expert designers will help you to determine what suits your house best.

Here are a few designs and why you might choose them -

Traditional Style

Fasada Oakville

Not modern. Not rustic. Sure to be a classic. You like:

  • Timeless appeal.
  • Multi-paned windows.
  • Shutters and overlays tastefully used.

Contemporary Style

Fasada Oakville

Bold and modern! You adore:

  • Simple, square lines.
  • Minimal overlays. No frills.
  • A couple of striking features.

Carriage House Style

Fasada Oakville

Nothing compares to a yesteryear beauty! You love:

  • Elaborate overlays.
  • Dormer windows and large porches.
  • A wealth of charming details.

For additional design support, connect with Garaga's Design Centre where you can upload an image of your home and compare different styles.

Fasada Oakville

Boost curb appeal and security with new garage doors.


Because your door may be around for twenty years, it would be wise to count on a garage door that has set the standards in the industry. Otherwise, your next garage door purchase could cause a lot of frustration.

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