Window Treatments for Energy Efficient Warm Winter Months

Window Treatments for Energy Efficient Warm Winter Months

Window treatments help a home conserve energy efficiency by providing insulation and by using natural light to reduce the use of electric light.

According to the Department of Energy, without energy-efficient window coverings, a home can lose up to 30% of heating and cooling energy through its windows. Compared to insulated walls and ceilings, windows easily allow more heat to escape from a room in winter.

Let’s take a look at how this works

Providing insulation

In winter, treatments help insulate at the window, preventing heat from escaping and keeping a room warmer.

Using daylight

Natural light illuminating a room can make it more inviting and may even boost your mood at the same time. You can maximize natural light with window treatments that draw it into a room, reducing the need for electric light, which reduces energy use.

Leading Energy Efficient Window Treatments by Hunter Douglas

When it comes to window treatments, energy efficiency and comfort go hand in hand. Hunter Douglas window treatments help you live more comfortably and the following are the best options when it comes to enhancing energy efficiency.

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Roller and Cellular Shades are the most insulating interior shades available.

Sonnette Cellular Roller Shades combine the insulating construction of a cellular shade with the clean lines and simplicity of a roller shade.

Designer Screen Shades provide UV protection while reducing glare and heat gain in a room, They are available in a range of openness factors so you can select the view and level of light you want.

Roman shades provide the benefits of a cellular shade but with the luxurious look of a Roman shade.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades feature exquisite woven fabrics, flat or contoured folds, and doesn’t have exposed cords on the back of the shade.

Vignette Duolite combines a light-filtering or sheer front shade with a room-darkening back panel. The room-darkening liner provides additional energy efficiency to already energy-efficient, beautifully woven Vignette fabrics.

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Solera Soft Shades combine the soft folds of a classic Roman shade with a cellular construction. They’re available in both light-filtering and room-darkening opacities.


Hunter Douglas Shutters add character to a room, while the natural insulating properties of wood and the air barrier inside vinyl shutters help create a more comfortable space.

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In winter, open shutter louvers so the sun’s rays can help warm up interiors—or close them to keep cold air out.

Automated window treatments add convenience to your day to day

To capitalize on the energy efficiency you get from shades, you need to raise and lower them as necessary. But what if you’re not home, or simply busy?

That’s where automated shades or shutters can help.

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In the link below, you can watch the videos on automatic systems available with Hunter Douglas Window Treatments.

Automated Window Coverings with Hunter Douglas Systems

As you will see in the videos, you can schedule your window treatments to move according to schedules you set to block heat loss when it’s cold in the winter and keep your home both energy efficient and cozy.

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