We have Allergies. How often should we clean our carpet?

We have Allergies. How often should we clean our carpet?

Individuals prone to asthma or who are allergic to dust, mould, pet dander or pollen, should consider having their carpet professionally cleaned.

Carpets trap allergens.

Therefore, allergy-sufferers need to clean their carpets regularly to avoid allergy flare-ups. At Lakeshore Cleaning and Restoration, we have residential carpet cleaning services tailored to combat seasonal allergies.

Stuck with your current carpet?

Some homes still have wall to wall carpet and many do have hardwood flooring (which we can also clean) with lovely area rugs. Lakeshore is equipped to help you with all your cleaning needs.

For carpets try these tips to ease the sneeze.

• Vacuuming is a good place to start. It is recommended to vacuum at least once a week and up to three to four times a week in allergy season or high-traffic areas.

• A (HEPA) filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) is available on many vacuums and can trap allergens. Vacuums without HEPA filters allow the allergen particles to escape and resettle in the room.

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Beyond vacuuming your carpet thoroughly and regularly, you should also have it professionally cleaned once or twice a year. The high heat from the steam kills dust mites. Lakeshore uses hot water (steam) extraction cleaning with truck mounted equipment, rotary shampoo, or encapsulation dry bonnet cleaning.

• If you are allergic to dust mites, make sure it dries completely afterward so the dampness won't attract mold or mites.

• Rented steamers and shampooers are often not as powerful as professional machines. They may not be adequately maintained and cleaned. Improperly cleaned machines can lead to more contaminants on your rugs.

Cleaning up any spills promptly will also help to prevent the growth of mold. Another step you can take to reduce carpet allergens is to have guests remove their shoes to keep from bringing in foreign substances.

• Opening your windows for at least 10 minutes per day cleans the air and prevents mould, mildew, and mite build-up.

• When possible, avoid heavy drapes or excess textiles in the home.

By following these recommendations, you may make it through a meal without constant sniffles and sneezes. Your home is your sanctuary.

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Lakeshore Carpet Cleaners has been providing high quality carpet cleaning services in the Burlington, Oakville and Halton Region for over 50 years. Our certified professionals will inform you on what is the best method to use to achieve the optimum, safe cleaning results.

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