Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Headshot

I have a SMART phone - do I really need to pay a photographer for a headshot?

With everyone, literally having a camera at their finger tips 24/7, you may wonder if there is still value in paying a photographer for great professional headshots. Here are my top 5 reasons why I think everyone needs a great professional headshot.

1. It empowers you. When you get your headshot taken by a professional photographer who knows how to light and pose for your face shape, age and body type, you will be sure to love your photo. Having a photo you’re proud to show builds confidence - and confidence leads to success.

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2. You have one shot at making a first impression - and today that first impression is more often on social media, than face to face. An average headshot can get lost in the sea of headshots, but a great headshot can leave a lasting impression.

3. It makes you more memorable. How many times have you heard or said, “Do I know you? I recognize your face”, or, “I’m sorry, I don’t remember your name, but I recognize your face.” Why is that? It’s because many people have visual memory. If they see your face you are more likely to be remembered. When you display a great profile picture, you are more likely to be remembered by prospective clients and employers alike.

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4. It shows your personality. People don’t buy what you sell, they buy you. A great headshot should capture your essence and give the viewers a feeling for who you are. It should connect you to the people who see your picture. It is that connection that draws people, and that will make you stand out. A snap shot doesn’t do that. An avatar doesn’t do that. A good photographer can create that for you.

5. Lastly, it shows professionalism. A great headshot makes you look professional and makes you feel professional. It shows that you take your job, your company, and yourself seriously. When you’re willing to invest in yourself, others are more likely to invest in you as well. According to Forbes magazine, "Whether for a social profile or your company’s website, the quality and style of your headshot conveys a lot about you as a person and signals how you conduct business."

Professional headshots are no longer just for the corporate world. Everyone needs a great headshot. Selfies and avatars just don’t cut it. Hiring a good, professional photographer is a financial investment but it’s an investment that pays for itself.

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