Stay Fit At Home anytime with Virtual Classes

Stay Fit At Home anytime with Virtual Classes

Making a difference by serving others is what Clinton is all about. Clinton is committed to supporting causes and values within the community.

Get or stay in shape at home with these experts!

The Clinton Howell Team brings you virtual events, charities and fun activities being hosted around Burlington, Waterdown, Oakville and Hamilton.

Yoga with Olympic Snowboarder

This small online group experience kicks off with an intimate Q & A where you can ask anything you want about yoga, the Olympics, or anything in-between. A 60/75min vinyasa flow with Olympic snowboarder Christy to strengthen, lengthen, and tone the whole body; and also calm the mind and nervous system. All levels welcome! JOIN IN

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

Barre Class from the Sydney Opera House

A dynamic fusion of the freedom of movement with a focus on toning, lengthening, and strengthening exercises, combined with short bursts of intense cardio to keep the heart rate up and encourage blood flow. In the inspiring backdrop of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney’s iconic harbour we will dance our way through a challenging and fun workout.  JOIN IN

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

Gold medal HIIT with Olympic Champion

Train like an Olympic Rower! This HIIT workout has been designed to be more interactive than your usual online programme! Katherine will be right there with you working hard. Options available for all workout levels. JOIN IN

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

Workout with a Pro Circus Acrobat

Made up of moves and skills I learned training world-class athletes and circus performers, this class will challenge your body’s abilities while strengthening your muscles and extending your flexibility. Just like our Cirque du Soleil warm-ups, we’ll begin with cardio, move into core training to tone and sculpt the lower body, and then finish with stretching. This virtual workout is designed to match your fitness level and will push you in the best way. JOIN IN

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

Zumba in Paradise Oahu

Get virtually transported to beautiful Oahu for this incredible workout experience. Start with a warm-up to get the blood pumping and then dance like nobody is watching for 45 minutes. To close things out, finish with a nice cool-down with inspiring music from around the world. Join us as we lead you through this invigorating one-hour experience. JOIN IN

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

Cardiobox with a Champion

A unique opportunity to box alongside a former British and European Boxing Champion, teaching you new exercise skills you won’t have tried before. The UNIQUE thing about us is ANYONE can do this session, from the fittest able-bodied athlete to someone with very restricted physical ability-everyone can get something from this session. Try it and see!

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

A Motorcity Workout Party

Jump right into a cardio party with Coach Crystal Marie that’ll have you sweating, singing, dancing, and stepping to the best Detroit house music this city has to offer. Imagine yourself in a dark studio with DMX club lighting and music pumping while you burn up to 600 calories, strengthen your heart, clear your mind, and expand your workout community. It’ll make sweating sweet…so sweet that you’ll forget you’re even exercising. JOIN IN

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

Tango lesson – Where passion & fun meet

Surprise yourself dancing a Tango routine in an online class. You can experience Tango Argentino from your home! These days, you don’t need to travel to Buenos Aires to experience authentic Tango Argentino. This is the only Tango experience hosted by a couple from Argentina. Two experienced dancers just for you!

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

Irish Dance Masterclass

In this online experience, I’ll welcome you virtually into my home here in Salthill, Ireland. Learn a Sean-nós dance step and an Irish step dance step from professional dancer, musician, and educator, Aneta, all the way from Salthill Ireland! JOIN IN

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

Olympic Pole Vaulter’s Six-Pack Workout

Core muscles are some of the most important muscle groups not only to a professional pole vaulter. Whether you are an athlete looking to improve your performance or an infrequent gym-goer looking to lose a few pounds, you have the exclusive opportunity to experience and participate in my daily core workout. JOIN IN

Clinton Howell, Realtor, Burlington, Events

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