Recipes to Warm you up this February

Recipes to Warm you up this February

We are cooking more at home these days and maybe you need some new and fun recipes.

Thanks to the research of Clinton Howell and his team, we have lots of great recipes for the whole family. Here are some great ideas for every day of the week and the weekend too. Have fun with the family and enjoy some or all of these recipes.


As good as eating plant-based meals are for you, not everyone chooses to be completely plant based, so why not start out with one night a week. Here are a few choices for Meatless Monday.

Zucchini, Asparagus & Mint Soup

This vegetarian soup is both healthy and delicious, served with some warm bread or rolls, it’s a meal in itself.

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Veggie Burgers

This vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free mushroom burger recipe may just surprise you with how tasty it is. While mushrooms provide plenty of flavor and texture, the addition of pinto beans makes this recipe high in fiber and protein, too.

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Spinach Stuffed Shells

These stuffed shells are cheesy, saucy, and stuffed with the most delicious ricotta and spinach filling. They are so pretty that you could serve these shells for a romantic Valentine’s dinner at home.

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Stuffed peppers with quinoa, eggplant, chickpeas, and Zhoug yogurt

Full-flavored and yes, a little spicy, but in the best possible way. A Middle Eastern spin on stuffed red bell peppers that is both vegan and paleo adaptable!

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Tuesday – Pizza Night

Potato, Taleggio and Zucchini Pizza

Who would have thought zucchini, potato and pizza would go this well together? Jamie Oliver of course! Now you can be a top chef in your own kitchen too.

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Sheet Pan Pizza with Brussel Sprouts and Salami

There is no higher calling of the humble Brussels sprout than this sheet-pan pizza. Pre-roasted until they're well caramelized before assembling the pizza, all you have to do is make sure that bottom crust is good and brown before sticking the whole thing under the broiler to get the cheese bubbling.

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Cast-Iron Skillet Pizza

What if we told you there existed a pizza recipe that was so easy, so fast, and so insanely delicious it would change your life? It's true! It will at least change your weeknight-cooking life. Thanks to a store-bought dough and a screaming-hot cast-iron skillet, weeknight pizza just got a whole lot better.

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Margherita Pizza

This is the best margherita pizza that you’ll be able to make in your own kitchen, with a standard oven, normal everyday ingredients (no fancy flours required), and without preparing an incredibly time-intensive pizza dough days in advance.

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One-Pot Wednesday

Green Chile-Chicken Stew

Family-friendly and crowd-ready, you can freeze cooled, leftover chicken stew in a jumbo muffin pan to create individual portions you can reheat later.

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Old Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie

One bite of this delicious comfort food, and you will understand why store bought just won’t work for flavour and deliciousness.

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Chicken & Wild Rice Bake

The nutty flavour of wild rice and slivered almonds combined with mushrooms and other great stuff, this could be a meatless meal if you omit the chicken.

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One-Skillet Chicken with Buttery Orzo

Why use a bunch of pots and pans when fennel, orzo, and chicken can be cooked in one!

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Thursday – Seasonal Soups

Leek and Potato Soup

Leek and Potato soup is very comforting yet rich with flavour. Drizzle a little cream over each serving, top with a scattering of chives and black pepper and serve at once.

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Stuffed Pepper Soup

With ground beef, peppers, and rice, this soup doesn’t need a ton of support to make a complete meal.

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Pesto Chicken Minestrone

This healthy and hearty pasta-packed soup features tons of flavor and loads of pesto.

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Slow Cooker Beef and Barley Soup

This soup is loaded with tender beef, vegetables, and barley in a fragrant broth. Combine everything in the slow cooker, simmer it low all day, and come home to this comforting meal.

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Friday – Seasonal Cocktails

Cinnamon Butter Rum

Warm up this winter with a glass of fabulously decadent cinnamon butter rum. It's the perfect tipple to enjoy after a brisk outdoor walk.

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Winter Cranberry Cocktail

This vodka cocktail topped with fizzy ginger ale has a trio of flattering fruit flavors: cranberry, lime and orange.

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Mulled Cider

It's easy to make your own mulled cider. As well as fruit and spices, we've added extra apple brandy to our version of this delicious winter warmer.

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Caramel Irish Coffee

This recipe is a fun twist on the famous Irish coffee and makes a delightful after dinner drink.

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Weekend Baking

Apple Oatmeal Muffins

These autumn-inspired treats are healthy and simple to make.

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Red Velvet Swirl Brownies

How delightful with cream cheese and cocoa these brownies will be a hit!

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Coconut Almond French Toast Casserole

What a wonderful way to start the weekend with this Saturday breakfast casserole. A full tummy and off to do some skating or snow shoeing.

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Spiced Pear, Blueberry and Almond Shortcake

This shortcake pie puts everything good into a crumbly and impressive dessert.

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Cranberry Pecan Cookies

These are so tasty and simple to prepare! Each delightful little cookie is loaded with cranberries, nuts, and vanilla.

Crockpot Apples with Cinnamon

These slow-cooked, tender and flavorful apples are great for breakfast on oatmeal and pancakes or served with ice cream for dessert!

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White Chocolate Blondies with Maple Cream Sauce

It’s that maple cream sauce – so good, you can just it eat by the spoonful! This dessert is quick & easy to make.

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Dipped Gingersnaps

You will get tremendous satisfaction making treats like these soft, chewy cookies. Dipping them in white chocolate makes much-loved gingersnaps even more special.

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