Puppies and Your Carpets

Puppies and Your Carpets

Our pets are as important as any other family member. We love them but does that mean no carpet?

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Bringing home an adorable puppy brings a new energy to the environment and they love us unconditionally. Rescue pets that may have experienced trauma bring a special kind of love and gratitude and sometimes some other things we could probably live without. If your puppy is nervous they may get sick until they settle in.

Young puppies need training to do their business outside. Whether they are excited or nervous, they may have a little accident before we can get them outdoors and for some reason, they seem to love the carpet. Is it because it feels more like grass? Whatever the reason, we need to be diligent with getting them outside every few hours so they learn where to do their business.

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A good quality stain remover is vital to maintain any spots that land on your carpet. We suggest a natural botanical product such as Benefect that is reviewed by Health Canada as safe for pets and chemically sensitive persons. Spray the area and blot it with a few paper towels and then give it a good vacuum.

A quick fix might be using one of the pet powders from a pet store or grocery store. You can sprinkle on the soiled area, leave for a few minutes, and vacuum. If you have a lot of stains, it is advisable to consider asking a carpet cleaning company to come in and wash the whole area. It will definitely help with odors and keep your home smelling fresh.

Some breeds of dogs have hair rather than fur and don't shed as much, however, for all the breeds who have fur, they do shed. Vacuuming every few days will help keep the fur manageable and the dust in the air reduced. A quality vacuum with a HEPA filter also works to control air-born pollen.

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A neutral-coloured carpet with few colours may help to hide some of the stains until you can do a thorough cleaning. There is carpeting that is stain-resistant, but unless you want the additional cost of replacing the carpet you already have, you can put a protective coating on the existing carpet with a scotch-guard treatment. We suggest you hire a professional to be sure every area of the carpet is protected.

When you book an assessment, the professional can discuss how many cleanings would keep things fresh during the growing pains of that loving puppy. It is important to keep everyone safe. healthy, and happy.

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