Podcast Content Marketing - 2 Billion listeners by 2025!

Podcast Content Marketing - 2 Billion listeners by 2025!

Why podcasts and Podcast Experts are going nowhere but UP, from 800,000 listeners in 2019 to 2 Billion in a few years!

Omdia media in one of its press releases is projecting that podcast listeners will hit 2 Billion by 2025, up from 800,000 in 2019, more than double! That is tremendous growth, and outpacing many other forms of media in the current climate.

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Podcast Listeners

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Cord cutters are abandoning cable TV for on demand offerings. Radio is becoming more homogeneous across multiple markets, and people are searching for both entertainment, and local information. That is how podcasts can serve BOTH.

Podcasts have the ability to tell stories - stories of local people making a difference, and stories of people on the world stage.

Unlike on demand video entertainment, podcasts can be enjoyed/consumed/listened to ANYWHERE at any time, and are delivered to subscribers automatically, ready for them to hit play. No internet? Download podcasts to enjoy on the subway, in your car, while riding your bike or walking your dog. Podcasts are one of the only if not the only form of media you can consume while doing other things.

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Haven't podcasts peaked already?

Spotify after adding podcasts to their entertainment options in the past few years, has now added audiobooks, and purchased Anchor, a major podcast hosting platform.

Apple has purchased some technology to help people curate and publish podcasts.

Sirius/XM, the satellite music and talk service which owns Pandora, recently purchased directory Stitcher and podcast hosting service Simplecast.

And The New York Times has purchased audio production company Serial Production, reasons unknown other than seemingly not wanting to get left behind!

So, while Apple still sells music, movies and TV shows in its store, it realizes the increasing popularity of podcasts and that investing in them makes sense, and again, not wanting to be behind the crowd.

Now, don’t let the sheer number of current podcasts dissuade you from adding this powerful marketing tool to your marketing plan, as some of these go dormant after trying them for awhile. But not you, you’ll keep at it!

Maybe I'll just publish a book...

How many books have been published since books were first published, and yet more are published every year? How many movies, TV shows and documentaries have been shot and released, and yet every year more are released to the public? There will always be an appetite for GOOD, creative, well-produced content, no matter which form factor or theme it takes. If you have the desire, a great idea, the skill to do it, then DO it! Publish a book, then publicize it with your podcast!

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Podcasts are sometimes unfairly painted as ‘hard work’, or having a harder chance of success. Just because you publish a book doesn’t mean you’ll be on a best seller list, does it? Or you write, produce and direct your feature film masterpiece, there is no guarantee of a ‘Best Picture’ Academy Award, is there? The same goes for any creative endeavour, even songwriting…it takes craft, hard work, dedication, planning and some degree of luck.

Isn't it hard work?!

Any form of ‘creative work’ is work, and requires attention to detail and some elbow grease to ensure that you deliver the best product possible. Once you’ve crafted the best possible product, it then takes some effort to promote it. Wrote a book? Go on a book signing tour. Released a new CD or digital album? Go on tour to promote it. Acted in a new film? Yep, interview tour. Robert Downey Jr. finishes filming a movie that paid him $10 million, he traipses around the globe to do interviews to stir up interest in the movie, so that he can do MORE movies and get paid again. It’s the same with podcasts, promote each episode so that more people listen and watch the next one, so that you can do more!

Does podcasting replace my other marketing streams?

A podcast doesn’t need to replace any of your other marketing initiatives, it can take the same content and repurpose it in glorious audio and video, or it can be additional content. Yes, some people like to read blogs, and some like to watch videos and some like to listen to audio. Why not create a triple threat? Create a blog post on your website, WITH your audio podcast and video podcast embedded into the blog post. Then, create a link to that page and share that on social media, in email blasts, etc. Some people will visit that page and start reading the text of the blog, get interested and start watching or listening. Some will look at the title of the blog and start watching or listening right away, as text doesn’t interest them. No matter how people consume content, you can be ready to serve them all, 24/7, 365.

I need help with content creation!

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Podcast Experts