Microneeding for a Spring Renewal

Microneeding for a Spring Renewal

Microneedling is a derma roller process that pricks the skin to create micro-channels with minuscule needles to stimulate new collagen and skin tissue.

The goal of the microneedling is smoother, firmer, and more toned skin.

At Secret Faces we use SkinPen® by Bellus Medical for our microneedling. It is a leader in medical aesthetics products and devices used exclusively by healthcare professionals. SkinPen® is more sanitary because it uses disposable needle cartridges.

It is clinically proven to safely and effectively treat facial acne scars for all ages 22 and up.

The SkinPen® is very versatile and can be used on all parts of the body, face neck, décolleté, arms hands, abdomen, and the back. Which makes it especially helpful when addressing hyperpigmentation, acne scars on the back and stretch marks on the body.

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Microneedling has the ability to regenerate and activate sleeping cells on the face and body. It is also used by people suffering hair loss on the scalp to promote growth.


Topical anaesthetics are applied one hour prior to the treatment. A sterile and disposable cartridge containing precision medical grade micro-needles is attached to the tip of the SkinPen. A thin layer of topical serum is applied to your skin and the depth of needles that is dialled in is determined by the area being treated and your skin type. The process creates thousands of precise micro-injuries in the dermis to a depth of .025 mm to 2 mm. This triggers new collagen synthesis without causing new scar tissue formation. There will be 3 passes over the area being treated in 3 different directions. Your skin will respond with tiny pinpoint bleeding.

Secret Faces recommends using Alastin Renewal Retinal for the following reasons:

  • Helps to soften and fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps to smooth skin texture and tone
  • Helps to minimize irritation and hydrates skin with oat extract and silver mushroom
  • Winner of InStyle Best Beauty Buys “Best Wrinkle Treatment 2021” Award
  • Helps protect against skin dehydration with potent hydrators
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Microneedling sessions are short and require little downtime. With as few as three non-invasive and affordable treatments spaced 30 days apart, you can improve your appearance for six months after your last treatment – and step out with confidence.

Most patients notice healthier-looking skin immediately. However, the natural repair process of your own skin continues to progress over the course of several weeks. Keep in mind dermal collagen remodelling takes place over time, it is not realistic to expect damage that has occurred over an extended period to disappear immediately. You may not see the final result until up to 6 months following your final session.

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Microneeding for a Spring Renewal