Is your rug feeling the family at home all day every day?

Is your rug feeling the family at home all day every day?

Caring for area rugs is a love affair for us at Lakeshore Cleaning & Restoration. We have a deep understanding of the science of rug washing.

We have all been home more these past few months, home schooling, working from home, and cooking a lot more! This may be harder on your area rugs than usual with more constant traffic and lounging watching Netflix. We have become more relaxed as a way to de-stress and perhaps you are eating more away from the table and your rugs are feeling it!

We treat your area rugs like they were our own. We understand that each rug has its own character and special cleaning needs. When your rugs start to show signs of everyday wear and tear, they can become worn, stained, dulled, and discolored.

Lakeshore Cleaning and Restoration

A wide variety of rugs are made up of specialty materials that can be hard to clean let alone repair. You can easily damage specialty material beyond repair if you try to tackle the task without the proper knowledge and experience.

Our technicians handle your rugs with quality personalized care.

Lakeshore Cleaning & Restoration is the only cleaner in the Oakville area with specialized Mor rug washing plant and equipment designed for cleaning and drying Oriental and domestic area rugs.

This is our cleaning process:

1. Pre-inspection of your rugs

2. We have an automatic dusting machine that thoroughly remove abrasive soils.

3. All rugs are washed front and back sometimes several times to remove dirt and stains. They are hung to dry in our climate controlled drying room, and the fringes are then hand washed with attention to detail. Many rugs are washed two and three times to ensure that the maximum amount of soiling and staining is removed.

4. Rugs are then rinsed thoroughly to remove unwanted residue.

5. The rug is moved to the drying area for a final inspection.

Lakeshore Rug Cleaning

We also offer pet and urine deodorizing and moth treatment for insect infested rugs. We use high quality cleaning products in all of the rug and carpet cleaning we do.

To determine if it’s time to clean your rug, try these simple tests:

• Rub your palm on the rug for a few seconds. If your hand becomes dirty, it is time for cleaning.

• Kneel down on the rug and smell it. If you detect foul odor, it is time to have it cleaned.

• Lift a rug corner and vigorously shake it up and down once or twice. If you see a dust cloud forming, it is definitely time for a cleaning.

• With the rug facing up, fold a corner of the rug back, away from the pile, to expose the base of the fibers. Have the rug professionally cleaned if there is dirt deep in the pile.

Lakeshore also offers Residential Carpet Cleaning for wall to wall.

If you own a business location, we also offer Commercial Carpet Cleaning.

Keep your carpets feeling soft, smelling fresh and looking brand new by calling Lakeshore Cleaning & Restoration today at (905) 465-2337.

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