Interior Cottage Flower Inspiration

Interior Cottage Flower Inspiration

Every season has us looking forward to the flowers and plants it brings. Cottage time is here so why not consider fresh flowers to brighten the interior rooms.

This summer, after such a long time indoors, we have a longing for a cottage to relax and cool off at. Why not get some beautiful flower arrangements to take to the lake house or cottage to brighten up the interior rooms. Summer blooms inside and out. How beautiful and calming that would be.

Here are a few ideas


Carnations come in virtually every colour and are an inexpensive way to add colour to a more neutral room. These flowers can add elegance to any room, while accenting and complimenting the rustic nature of a cottage or lake house. The perfect addition to any room.

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White lilies are the perfect summer flower with their light floral scent and classy white and green arrangement.

Extraordinary white Oriental lilies. Each of the stems has two to four budding blooms. As the flowers open, their beauty is complemented by a pleasing sweet fragrance. As with any lily, the pollen stamens should be removed as soon as they present themselves from within the flower. This will enhance and lengthen the life of the flower, and prevent staining on clothing, hands or other surfaces.

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Orchids are simple and beautiful. They also come in many different colours, and you can add them to any room in the cottage. Whether it’s the bathroom, bedroom, living room or sunroom, there’s no place that orchids can’t go. And they’re small enough to fit in tight places!

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If you’re heading to a cottage or lake house, don’t go empty handed!

Whether for your own summer home or for your host, you cannot go wrong with fresh flowers to compliment that feeling of being at the cottage.

If you’re not going to make it to a cottage this summer, bring the cottage to your home! Decorate each room with a different flower if you like. Brant Florist has a large selection to choose from.

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If you are busy planning and packing for your trip, fill in the attached form with your choices and you can place your order with us at that time, or order online and we guarantee delivery on time.