How to Hang Holiday Wreaths on Vinyl Windows

How to Hang Holiday Wreaths on Vinyl Windows

The best way to hang outdoor Christmas wreaths is subjective. It will depend on the type of window you have and the method you use to secure the wreath.

Before you select a method to hang your wreaths this season, consider these questions:

What size wreath do I need for my windows?

20" wreaths or 24" wreaths work on most windows. Anything that is too heavy or has too many decorations on it will require more support to stay on your window.

How do vinyl windows differ from wood windows?

Unlike wood windows where you can poke or nail things right into the window frame, you'll want to use a damage-free method with vinyl windows so you don’t ruin the integrity of your windows.

Where to hang wreaths on windows?

You should hang all your wreaths at the same height on your windows and centred on the pane. Aim for the centre of the wreath to fall 1/3 of the way down from the top or 1/3 of the way up from the bottom.

Ultimately, the method you use depends on the type of windows you have. See which one is the best way for you to hang Christmas wreaths on your outside windows.

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Ways to Hang Wreaths on Windows:

Hang Wreath with Ribbon - for double hung windows which open from the top down:

• Take a 4'-5' length of waterproof ribbon at least 2.5" wide.

• Put one end of the ribbon through the wreath, bring the ends together, and tie a knot near the end.

• Lower the top window sash and, still holding to the knot end, lower the wreath on the outside.

• Raise the window sash. The knot will prevent the wreath from falling to the ground. You might need to play with the placement of the knot in order to get the wreath to land at the desired height on the window.

Magnetic Wreath Hangers - use this method for hanging a wreath on a single pane window or hanging a wreath on a metal door. You will need a two-pack of magnetic wreath hangers; put a hanger on each side of the glass and hang your wreath on the outside.


3M Outdoor Large Wreath Hook - use the hooks that are marked OUTDOOR use. Clean the window with rubbing alcohol before applying the hook and follow the instructions. Large size for wreaths up to 4 lb and the Medium size for wreaths up to 2 lb.

What ever way works best for your windows, have fun decorating your home and even though the holidays may look a little different for many this year, we can enjoy the beauty of the season and do our best to keep our families healthy and happy throughout the holidays.

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