How to clean carpet on the stairs

How to clean carpet on the stairs

If you live in a home and your stairs are carpeted, it doesn’t take long before the carpet starts to look tired and dirty.

Lakeshore Cleaning and Restoration has cleaning a lot of carpet both on the floor and stairs. Here are a few steps if you want to try cleaning stairs on your own

The first step to cleaning carpeted stairs is to remove any stubborn dirt and debris that is deep in the carpet. A good way to achieve this is by using a brush with stiff bristles. If you don’t have a stiff brush, then you could use a special attachment for your vacuum cleaner that helps to remove ground in dirt.

Always start at the top of the staircase and work your way down. Once you have worked on a step and loosened any dirt, use the brush to sweep the dirt down the stairs. This will make it easier to keep all the debris together and avoid trampling it back into the carpet.

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Use a powerful vacuum cleaner

The best vacuum for carpeted stairs is a cordless battery powered vacuum or a lightweight vacuum with a long power cord. You don’t want to be trying to balance at the top of a staircase with a heavy vacuum cleaner.

Shampoo each stair

The next step is to give the stairs a really good clean with a cleaning agent such as carpet shampoo. The best way to shampoo carpet on stairs is by hand with a scrubbing brush, but this is also the most time consuming and labor-intensive method. Alternatively, you can use a carpet cleaning machine, but these are generally large appliances and are not really suitable for cleaning individual stairs unless they have specific attachments.

Dry the stairs

You need to remove as much as this excess water as possible because it will take days to dry naturally. Mold and bacteria can grow in your carpet so it is in your best interests to get as much moisture removed as you can. The best way to dry carpet is with a carpet cleaner or a wet/dry vacuum. The alternative is to use absorbent towels or cloths to soak up the moisture.

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Final vacuum

Once you have removed as much excess water as you can from the carpeted stairs, leave them to dry naturally over a period of time, preferably overnight. When the stairs are completely dry, give them a final vacuum to freshen the carpet and remove debris from the cleaning process.

If this is overwhelming for you, please consider hiring Lakeshore Cleaning and Restoration to help with your carpet cleaning.

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