Happy Customers with Fasada Window Installations

Happy Customers with Fasada Window Installations

This home in Oakville displays Fasada windows beautifully on both the exterior and interior.

In this home in Oakville, the windows installed include a combination of fixed windows and Casement windows. They have been painted both the interior and exterior and have the added aesthetic of simulated grilles on some.

Energy-Efficient Fixed Windows

These high- or low-profile windows do not open, they have no moving parts, and all seals are permanent and airtight.

Fixed windows are primarily used for custom shaped windows and in combination with other styles such as casement, awning, bay/bow windows. You can customize the look of these windows so they work for your décor.

• Used primarily for custom shaped windows and in combination with other styles such as casements, awnings, bays/bows or fixed window over slider.

• You can customize the look of these windows, so they work with your décor.

• Our designers will help you choose the right look for your home.

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“I still rave about the beautiful job you did putting in our living room window. Several other neighbours have since replaced their front window, but none look as great as ours does. Thank you, Denise G”


Grilles are “simulated grilles”. Glued on the glass both interior and exterior to give a look and feel of individual pieces of glass.

Simulated grilles are composed of a vinyl trim applied to the surface of the glass on both the interior and exterior of the window, with a faux spacer bar between the glass. The purpose of simulated grilles is to give the illusion of multiple glass units when, in fact, only one is used.

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Casement Windows

A casement window is hinged vertically and opens like a door from either side. They give an updated modern look and the vinyl construction gives you the greatest degree of insulation at a much more affordable price than other window materials. The 90-degree opening makes cleaning easy from inside your home. You will love the smooth operation of casement windows.

Whether you are choosing replacement windows or installing new ones, Fasada in Oakville has an expert team of Design Consultations will offer expert advice to suit your style and budget.


“Just want to pass along that WE LOVE our windows. Thank you to Boris and his crew for their expert service, efficiency and cleanliness, and a pleasure to have worked on our home. Thank you for sharing our vision and suggesting these gorgeous windows, and for providing such exceptional personal service.” Janice and Kevin H

Schedule an in home or in private store consultation and discuss your wants and needs.

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