Building up a Strong Wall

Building up a Strong Wall

Things to look at going forward into this 'new world'.

For all the great things we as a nation accomplished during the 'Covid lockdowns' one thing that concerns me is the lack of messaging to the public on doing things to personally protect our health (outside of a mask and hand washing habits of course! Still continue those... especially in restaurant bathrooms). Although the advice that was followed has helped to reduce the outbreak; I am always a proponent of doing things to increase our health rather than simply block a pathogen.

Here are a few things to consider as we enter a time of year where many get colds/flu:

Exercise! Many of us fell off our regular routines (myself included) with the loss of our regular gym schedule. Exercise is essential to overall health. Not comfortable going back to the gym? I get it. Lots of activities to be done at home. Ask One of us what activities could be of help going forward to keep activity levels up (Netflix will still be there after you finish!).

Healthy diet. Diet plays a huge role in our general health. In speaking to a long time patient that delivers potato chips by the truckload... that certainly did not slow down during the shutdowns... in fact... he was busier than ever! They are delicious... I can't lie. But limiting your intake to a small bowl instead of a bag would be beneficial. Advice: Don't bring the open bag to where you're consuming them. Instead fill a small bowl. and once it is done allow for 20 minutes before going back for more. What you'll likely find is you satiety response will kick in and you'll leave the bag for another day.

Add in lots of fresh foods and reduce processed when/where possible. Your body will thank you for it.

Reduce Alcohol intake. I hear you minds right now "what else was there to do in lockdown?". Reduce... if eliminating is too difficult. Many folks took to having a 'a few' daily. I know without wok commitments it was easier; but try to keep it to weekends and you'll see a reduction in your intake.

Vitamin D3. The 'Sunshine vitamin' has a strong case to be included in your overall protection plan. Many of the new patients will have heard me advise it for them this coming fall. This Article discusses it a bit more for those interested. Although not outright proven link is shown yet; there is a strong case for it due to respiratory infections and Vitamin D links.

wondering how much to take? Ask us on your next visit!

I know some of these are easier to change than others... but the more you can do the better your odds at staying healthy.