Appreciation and Gratitude for our Customers and Community

Appreciation and Gratitude for our Customers and Community

As a family-owned business, Fasada understands the value of helping and appreciating our customers and our community.

Does your family feel any cold drafts by your windows? They really shouldn’t and we want our family members to be warm and cozy, healthy and happy, as the weather gets colder.

New windows can make a HUGE difference in your home as they are fully insulated, so no drafts on your loved ones and savings on the heating bill.

We do understand that new windows or doors may not be in the budget right now so we have a few fix tips that may temporarily help. We do pride ourselves at Fasada in offering high-end service at better than box store pricing,⁠ BUT manufacturers continue to increase the pricing and unfortunately waiting till Spring makes it a challenge to offer the same affordable price we have now.

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Quick Fix Tips for Drafty Windows and Doors

  • You can find the source of drafts using a matchstick or candle. Slowly move the flame around the window/door frame. You can purchase a door draft stopper on Amazon or make your own. A "door snake" prevents warm air from escaping (and cold air from entering) your home. The advantage of DIYing is it's easy and cheap using old linens or socks to stuff the snake or any favourite animal shape!
  • Window caulking serves as the first line of defence against cold air. Unfortunately, it degrades over time, with small cracks and gaps that allow in cold air. Inspect your drafty windows, checking around the window frame for any signs of failure.
  • Most home improvement stores stock plastic shrink film insulation kits. The double-sided tape holds the film in place until the last step in the quick and easy installation process when you use a hairdryer to shrink the film in order to achieve an air-tight seal.

Free Design Consultation

Fasada offers a FREE in-depth in-home design consultation to gather information on your project needs and wants, combined with recommendations of our product selections that will address your requirements. We will complete all the necessary measurements and help select the right product style and colour so that we can provide you with a quotation.

Book your free Design consultation and quote today.⁠ ⁠We so looking forward to helping you.⁠

We love our clients!⁠

⁠Thank you!⁠ We strive for happiness for everyone.⁠ It means so much when positivity is shared.⁠ We truly appreciate all your reviews. It warms our hearts to know we have provided a solution and wanted to share one of our client reviews

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Yes, we even have happy Fur Baby clients

⁠This little sweetheart is so happy with his new Hunter Douglas Silhouette’s.

He still can't believe they are automated and open and close on their own!⁠

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We also would like our community to know that even if you are NOT a client of Fasada now and have a service need, please feel free to contact us. We understand that during these times there is a shortage of staff in every industry and we have a heart and want to do our best and help as many as we can.

As a family-owned company, we are doing our part to help to support those in need. We believe that if we all do something big or small, we can all make a difference to so many. LOCAL LOVE

We Appreciate You! We Thank You!