What is Hypopressives?

What is Hypopressives?

A unique approach to core and pelvic floor fitness that helps improve pelvic floor function in women experiencing incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

What is Hypopressives?

The Hypopressive Method incorporates a series of postures that are considered ‘low pressure’ (meaning they do not create increases in intra-abdominal pressure) with a rhythmic breathing pattern followed by an ‘apnea’ or a breath hold. The apnea stimulates a reflex response that creates a vacuum effect that lifts the internal viscera. The method works on the involuntary aspect of the core as opposed to Kegels which work on the voluntary aspect.

Done consistently over time, the method helps the body better manage intra-abdominal pressure, helps relieve or eliminate symptoms of prolapse and incontinence and is a fantastic postural improver.

How does it work?

The term Hypopressive means ‘low pressure’. This form of exercise reduces pressure to the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic cavities. Traditional fitness and daily life activities are considered hyperpressive meaning they increase intra-abdominal pressure.

We need intra-abdominal pressure as it contributes to our core control. If there is an element of the core support system that is not functioning optimally then the core as a whole may not be able to manage intra-abdominal pressure well or at all. Hypopressives help retrain the core to respond appropriately to increases in intra-abdominal pressure.

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Hypopressive training enables people to improve posture, abdominal function, incontinence, back pain and prolapse.

Until the introduction of the method to mainstream fitness, women diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse we only given options to help manage the symptoms or prevent them from progressing. Now women with early stage prolapse have an incredible opportunity to improve or even reverse the condition, especially bladder and uterine prolapse. It has given women hope and has made a diagnosis of prolapse much less scary.

This video is a great starting pose when starting hypopressives. Great postural exercise, it helps improve pelvic floor function and it also tones the abdominal wall.


The hypopressives exercise technique is suitable for non-pregnant people and those who do not have high blood pressure.

Kim Vopni, The Vagina Coach, is trained in the Hypopressive method and incorporates the technique into her online programs and offers private online coaching as well.