What Is Golfers Elbow and How Can I Prevent It?

What Is Golfers Elbow and How Can I Prevent It?

For golfers of all ages and skill levels, regular physiotherapy is essential not only as a post-injury treatment but for injury prevention! Find out more...

What is Golfer’s Elbow?

“Golfer’s Elbow” is also referred to as Medial Epicondyle Tendinopathy, which is mainly a tendon overload injury. This condition is typically caused by overuse of the wrist flexor muscles from upper limb activities involving excessive and repetitive gripping, wrist extension and forearm supination (making a cup with your hand). The affected tendon becomes aggravated leading to abnormal arrangement of collagen fibres within the tendon. This type of pathology to the tendon is quite common and has a good prognosis with most conservative physiotherapy rehabilitation.

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What are some common signs and symptoms of Golfer’s Elbow?

  • Tightness or pain of forearm muscles
  • Tenderness over medial epicondyle (inside bony prominent of elbow)
  • Pain elicited with gripping/squeezing/lifting or using the forearm muscles

What do I need to know about Golfer’s Elbow?

Golfer’s elbow is very similar to Tennis elbow, as it is essentially the same condition just on the other epicondyle or other side of the elbow. However, golfer’s elbow has a much lower incidence rate than Tennis elbow. Golfer’s elbow can affect anyone, with no specific population, in particular,…and no, not only golfers get this! Golfer’s elbow is more commonly found in athletes who throw at high velocities creating a dynamic force at the elbow; therefore the term is commonly synonymous with “pitcher’s elbow.” Research also suggests that smokers and type 2 diabetics are also at a greater risk for developing tendinopathies.

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What can I do for Golfer’s Elbow at Mainway Physiotherapy?

When you visit Mainway Physiotherapy, a Physiotherapist will perform a full physical and functional assessment to identify the root cause of the problem or condition creating pain at the elbow. From here, you and your Physiotherapist will create a treatment plan together that will typically include patient education on the condition, pain management techniques, manual therapy, and specific regular exercise in order to achieve optimal rehabilitation and get you back doing the things you love. Every patient presents very differently, therefore, your treatment plans will always be individualized and will address all of your goals.

Prevention and Strength Exercises

What kind of treatment plans do you offer Golfer’s looking to prevent injury?

At Mainway Physiotherapy, we offer specific treatment plans to prevent/reduce/manage golfing injuries. Our clinic owner, Andrew Hoermann, is a FitForeGolf Certified Physiotherapist and a Physiotherapist for Golf Canada- he has a background with treating all kinds of golfer’s. He regularly educates our Physiotherapists on how to manage, treat and prevent common golfing injuries. At Mainway Physiotherapy, any of our Physiotherapists will be happy to assess, treat and create a functional return to sport treatment plans in order to get you back on your best golf game.

How do I prevent injury or re-injury before I get on the golf course?


All you need is about 10 minutes to warm up your body and muscles to increase the blood flow before you get on the green and start swinging. See our other article about Why Physiotherapy is Important for Golfers or visit our other article 5 Exercises to Help with Ankle and Knee Pain This Spring!

Another tip… participating in regular strength/gym training about 2-3x per week, as recommended by the American College of Sports Medicine, will be very beneficial in minimizing injuries while also improving overall muscle strength, endurance and overall well-being.

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How do I strengthen and prepare my body for golf?

Functional Training is usually the best kind of strength training, especially when it is sport-specific. Performing regular exercises and strength-based activities that can closely simulate your sport is the most transferrable way to improve your strength and endurance in order to perform on the course and reduce the risk of injury. As a part of your treatment plan at Mainway Physiotherapy, our Physiotherapists are trained to provide sport-specific exercise programs to help you maximize your performance on the course, field or court.

What are some general exercises to focus on for golfers?

Bird Dog- for core stability

Bird dog Exercise Golfinf Golfers Elbow Mainway Physiotherapy

Lumbar stabilization- for core stability

Lumbar Rotation Stabilization Mainway Physiotherapy Golfing Golf Exercises Golf Injury Golfers Elbow

Thoracic spine rotation with club- for thoracic mobility

Throacic Spine Rotation Mainway Physiotherapy Burlington Golfing Golfers Elbow Golf Injury

Thoracic Spine twists- for core and back stability

Thoracic Spine twists Mainway Physiotherapy Golf Burlington Ontario Golf Swing Golf Injury Golfers Elbow

Golf swing with theraband- simulating golf swing for strength/power

Golf Swing Golfers Elbow Mainway Physiotherapy Burlington Ontario Canada FitForeGolf

Mainway Physiotherapy also specializes in the following treatments:

* Sport Injury Therapy

* Manual Therapy

* Registered Massage Therapy

* Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation (MVA)

* Work Injury (WSIB)

* Golf Injury Rehabilitation

* Individualized or Team Exercise Programs

* Work site ergonomic education

* Acupuncture

* Concussion Treatment

* Functional Movement Screening

* Dietary Restrictions

* Chiropractic Care

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