Does My Podcast Name Really Matter?

Does My Podcast Name Really Matter?

Today, I’m talking about podcast titles - those wonderful little bits of information that guide us as to what we will be hearing in podcast.

Initially, titles matter to everyone considering listening to your show. Once they are a regular listener, it may not even matter any more what the show is called. Yet it can feel like you are deciding what wording to get for a tattoo when you are trying to come up with a name. It can make or break you, so you should get it right the first time. Some helpful suggestions are listed at the end of this blog.

Q. Does my podcast name really matter?

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A. Uhhhh, yeah! Your podcast name is there for a few reasons: To concisely and clearly communicate (love alliteration!) your concept and topics to your intended audience, including the mood of your show; to ensure that Google and other search engines index it properly; as well as ensure that your podcast grabs people’s attention and curiosity, to get them to listen. Visit iTunes or other podcast directories to get a flavour of what everyone else is calling their podcasts.

Once you’ve named your show don’t commit to it yet, do some research. Head over to podcast directories like iTunes, Stitcher, etc to see if anyone else already has used that name. While there are no hard and fast rules about using a name already out there, it could potential cause confusion, AND perhaps make you look like you are trying to benefit from the name. If your name is “Joe Rogan” and you want your podcast to be called “The Joe Rogan Experience”, you *just* might be out of luck, so the next best thing is to call it potentially “The Joe Rogan (Not That Joe) Show”…or something completely unrelated. You will get some people tuning in thinking you are THE Joe Rogan, and that might help if you have amazing content, some of them will still around after they find out you are a different Joe Rogan, just because you are that good. Be careful though, most podcasts named after their hosts *usually* have a following to engage from the start.

Best Practices

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Keep your name descriptive yet as short as possible - “The Healing Hearts Dating Show” vs. “The Healing Hearts Dating Show - We’ll Show YOU Where To Find Love! #love #dating #BFF”, which will likely not get you listed in any podcast directories.

Keep it unique as possible - avoid a show name the same or too similar to another podcast, even if the show no longer exists. If will damage your brand and cause confusion.

Consider using your name in the show title only if you have a sizeable following.

Ensure your name accurately reflects your show topics and concept - if your podcast name “Incredible European Destinations” is unrelated to your topics of Soccer/Football and you are listed under Lifestyle, you’ll confuse listeners and drive them away, and potentially get de-listed from podcast directories.

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Add your podcast name to your email signature and email blasts.

“OK, I’ve got a GREAT podcast name, What’s Next? ”

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