Stretching the COVID out of you From Head to Toe

Stretching the COVID out of you From Head to Toe

30 minute gentle and pain free guided self stretch. Learn how to safely open up your joints to relieve pain, stiffness and tension.

Welcome to “stretching the COVID out of you from head to toe!” I’m very excited to be leading you in a 30 minutes LifeStretch routine you can do from the comfort of your own home. This type of stretching is gentle and pain free and is for everyone! Your kids included so have them join you.

LifeStretch is a guided self stretch given by a certified instructor and can be done one on one or in a group or class setting. You are guided through a series of movements and stretches that gently open up your joints to create more space. You work within your own specific capabilities and with time you will see some incredible results, some even life changing.

Your Fascial network is a complex system that when stretched with the proper techniques, rhythm and breathing can greatly increase the space between your joints reducing tightness, tension and pain, and increasing in circulation and lymphatic drainage. We work in your parasympathetic system so you leave the session feeling calm, relaxed and sometimes sleepy.

The benefits extend from your young children to your elderly parents. It's a great family activity you can all do together safely at home.

I am honoured to be linking arms with the Better Together as ONE team to be able to offer this workshop FREE as a way to give back during these times of difficulty!

Please register for this workshop on Thursday May 7th at 11am, click the link below to register.

The more the merrier, so please invite your family and friends.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Stretching the COVID out of you From Head to Toe

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