Small Business and Charities

Small Business and Charities

This is a story about a small business helping other small businesses who are in turn, not only helping charities, but also helping each other!

October 18 to 24 is Small Business week in Canada, but this all started weeks before.

It started with Margaret Wallis-Duffy, Claire Gavin, and their Better Together as ONE TV Show/Podcast.  To support local small businesses, they launched the "Main Street Matters" campaign, hoping to promote other businesses that were hurting due to the impacts of COVID 19.

Better Together as One: Main Street Matters

As soon as I saw this call to action, I reached out to Margaret immediately wanting to be involved.  For those that don't know, I have a small business, Global Coin Solutions; about 90% of our business is in support of charities, working with airlines and airports throughout North America.  GCS enables them to collect leftover foreign currency, sorts out the different currencies, counts everything, and then repatriates (returns) the foreign coin to their home country: it is the only way to get any value for foreign coin.  Needless to say, we have been impacted greatly.

As soon as I explained our situation and the work we do, Margaret was extremely supportive and felt that our organizations working together would be an inspired collaboration as she had been looking for a way to engage charities as well.  Once Marg had a really good handle on how we could work together (foreign currency fundraising is after all, a "foreign" concept here in Canada), we were able to come to the conclusion that engaging a local food bank would be a perfect partnership.  Marg approached the Georgetown Bread Basket, explained our idea, and they became the focus of our video segment on Main Street Matters (air date TBD).

Georgetown Bread Basket food bank

The week before Thanksgiving, Marg happened to be shopping at Pat's Prime Cuts & Deli and thought; would Pat be willing to be a collection point for our foreign currency campaign?  She asked and not only was Pat willing to help out, but on the spot he offered to donate 4 turkeys and 4 hams to the food bank!

This was not part of the plan at all!  Neither Marg or I imagined this happening.  All we were looking for was a small business to become the first location (of many we hope) to become places the community could stop into to drop off their donations of leftover foreign currency.  As you can imagine, the Georgetown Bread Basket was thrilled to see this program immediately generating returns ... not to mention the 8 families that were helped out by Pat's generosity!

Foreign currency fundraising

The first globe was placed in Pat's Prime Cuts & Deli on Thursday October 15th.  The next day I shared this with the GCS social media channels.  Before the end of the day, I was contacted by Mike, the owner of Uncorked on Main and he offered to become another collection point.  Stay tuned for updates from Pat and Mike as they start looking at ways to work with and support each other as well as finding other ways to support the food bank.

I can't say enough about Margaret Wallis-Duffy.  Her belief that we are "Better Together as ONE" speaks to who she is as a person ... this isn't just a catchy slogan or tag line, she lives, eats, breaths, and works this every minute of every day.  I have thanked her for the effort she has put into this before, but I am now going on record to say Thank You!  I have always known that if I engaged the right people, this sort of program could be successful, but I never imagined this kind of success, this kind of engagement between other businesses.
Marg has shown that we truly are Better Together as ONE!