Sometimes we get to the point where we have just had ENOUGH! Work is a bit too busy, our kids/family/social commitments are pulling us in different directions

Sometimes we get to the point where we have just had ENOUGH! Work is a bit too busy, our kids/family/social commitments are pulling us in twelve different directions, we are feeling stressed or unwell, or we just have not had any time for the things that are really important to us. Or maybe a global pandemic hits and turns our world upside down!

Even though I personally feel I have been pretty lucky through this self-isolation period, having all my kids at home (don’t tell them I said that!) and everyone healthy, I have certainly found myself in the busy, stressed and unwell category these past few months.

Life has been so serious lately. Don’t get me wrong, I get it, I understand the importance of the rules. But like so many others, I miss hugging my parents and siblings and friends. I am tired of having personal health issues that are just not resolving and not being able to get appropriate care because of the global pandemic.

A few weeks ago I hit my own personal wall of ‘ENOUGH ALREADY!”

That day, I happened to be out walking and had this great ‘epiphany’. The realization popped into my head … “Nancy, you’re not LAUGHING enough”.

That night I went home and started looking into Laughter Yoga. I’ll admit I knew very little about it. What I learned made me think LAUGHTER IS A SUPERPOWER! It’s the secret sauce that adds flavor, and does so many good things for us, like:

  • Release feel good chemicals
  • Strengthen our immune system
  • Relieve pain
  • Change our state … go from drab to fab in just a few minutes
  • Help us relax and recharge (can you say stress relief?!)
  • Help us connect with others

We don’t need science to tell us laughter is contagious! And let’s face it, we are just happier when we’re laughing, and when we’re happier, people are drawn to us.

So back to my laughter yoga experience. I did some chanting “ho ho … ha ha ha”. I opened up my brain and washed it out (metaphorically of course). I posed like a lion, tongue out, hands up beside my head … and I have to admit, I laughed my head off all the while.

So whether it’s laughter yoga, or watching funny videosreading a comic strip, calling your ‘funny friend’, or just recalling something funny that makes you smile, don’t forget to add laughter to your stress relief toolkit.

Laughter might just be the secret sauce!



Photo by alexandra lammerink on Unsplash

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Nancy Brooker, CPA CA

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