Is Your Charity Hurting Right Now? Try this!

Is Your Charity Hurting Right Now? Try this!

The economic impact of the pandemic has caused charities to take a hit at a time where charity is crucial. There's a solution & it may be in your bedside table!

We all have that one drawer in our house where we keep our little bag of foreign currency in the off chance that we may use it again. Pesos, Euros, and Pounds all collecting dust as amongst all the uncertainty with the coronavirus pandemic, we can be fairly sure that international travel is not in many of our agendas for the near future.

It has been estimated that there could be as much as $35 Million worth of foreign currency in Brampton alone and over $2 Billion in Canada. That’s a lot of coin collecting dust when in fact, there is a way that you can be putting this money to good use right now!

Global Coin Solutions, founded by Scott Hutchings, is the leader in foreign currency and digital fundraising and was built with two goals in mind: To help charities and to put people to work; two things we arguably need now more than ever given the current state of the world.

Global coin solutions is the only full service company in North America that focuses on foreign currency fundraising and has processed over 13 Million in collections during its 13 years in business. Scott is passionate about getting as much money in the hands of charities as possible which is what drove him to take this unique approach to fundraising.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Charities

COVID-19 has caused a major economic crisis that has impacted not only the public and business but also charities. With business closures for the first few months of the pandemic and a vast number of people losing their jobs, disposable income has become scarce for many families.

Charities are hurting as it is difficult for most people to donate when the current priority is putting food on the table and paying the bills. We all want to help in someway or another but at times like this it can be hard to see beyond our own family unit or even feasibly consider donating. If the average family is struggling at this point, imagine those who rely on charities for assistance. That is where a company like Global Coin Solutions comes in.

Foreign Currency Fundraising

Why It is Essential That Charities Take an “All Currency Accepted” Approach

It has never been easier for a charity to modify their acceptable donations to all forms of currency as most of the hard work is done by Global Coin Solutions. By accepting all currency, the door is being opened to many more possibilities. Many people are unable to prioritize donating to charity for personal financial reasons but may have a substantial amount of foreign currency with no use laying around that they would be willing to give to those in need.

At present, we are unable to travel and therefore don’t have any immediate use for our foreign currency. Foreign coins specifically have no value outside of their home country and can’t be exchanged. Even if you feel like there’s a chance you could be returning to the given country in the future, doesn’t it seem more important to address the problems we are currently facing as a society and do what we can to help in the present moment?

If more charities begin accepting all currency, the potential for collections could skyrocket. This will benefit those in need while not denting the wallets of the average person who may also be in a tight spot. The more charities that begin to accept foreign currency will also allow Global Coin Solutions to provide more jobs to the community as the work that they do is quite manual.

As a bonus, accepting foreign currency is great for the environment! Every coin that is recycled means one that does not need to be produced. As a result, this means less environmental distress caused by the emissions from smelting and mining. All the more reason to start accepting foreign currency in your collections!

As humans, when we accept our differences and come together, we can do great things. Think of currency in the same way, when we bring it all together and put it to use, we can achieve so much more!

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