Got diabetes? Improve your oral health!..

Got diabetes? Improve your oral health!..

The film of bacteria at the gum line which can elevate A1Cs in Type 2 diabetics.

A new study shows that inflamed gums increase A1Cs in Type 2 diabetics. And similarly, getting your gums healthy, will significantly reduce this important marker. In fact, improving your oral health is equivalent to taking another medication for your diabetes.

Healthy gums in diabetics have other benefits, including feeling better. Kidney function improves and overall inflammation drops. This can be important to managing high blood pressure, to your heart health, and to the risks of stroke and pre-dementia.

So what causes sore and bleeding gums?

It is a medical condition called “oral dysbiosis” – a fancy term which means an imbalance of bacteria in the plaque at your gum line and under your gums. When your gums are pink and firm, the bacteria in your plaque (figure 1) are behaving themselves and living in harmony with all of the other kinds of bacteria. But then, for some reason, several bacteria start to dominate the plaque and begin to misbehave. They enter the blood stream and they produce nasty chemicals.

A new painless and affordable treatment is now available to turn sore and bleeding gums back to healthy gums. Gleam Smile Centre in Hamilton has been using this treatment for years and with consistently good results with diabetics. This treatment is a safe, high-strength antiseptic which is applied painlessly and quickly by our hygienists.

For a consultation about your oral health, and how to improve it along with your diabetes, call Julie at the Gleam Smile Centre.  Tel:  (905)-387-6453