Best Brilliant Gifts Custom Phone Cases

Best Brilliant Gifts Custom Phone Cases
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Check out our brilliant phone case selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our phone cases shops.

Today, we can’t imagine our life without cell phones and smartphones. They are more than just a tool for communication. Besides calling and sending messages, we use the phones to make photos, organize our day, write down important notes, learn, read, play games, watch movies etc. In fact, they have become indispensable for us. Many of us would like to have a unique phone, which doesn’t have analogues in the world. Unfortunately, such an option is impossible for ordinary people. However, there is a way out. We can use custom phone cases and make our phones look the way we want. It’s extremely easy to get an original case for your smartphone and, moreover, the choice of possible designs is inexhaustible. So, let’s see how to make your ordinary phone look unique and consider the possible variants of prints for phone cases.

Why Customize Phone Cases

We use phone cases to protect our devices from damaging if they fall or be influenced by certain external factors. Many people don’t care about its design as the most important for them is to have a case, which reliably protects the phone. However, it’s a fact that custom phone cases look much more interesting while providing the same level of protection. There are many reasons to customize phone case. For example, you know that after being used for some time, a phone starts to look a bit shabby. A fresh new look can be given to the phone by just placing it in a beautiful case. And if you want a phone to remain in a good condition for a long period of time, buy a case as soon as you buy mobile phone repairing parts.

A customized phone case is a wonderful way to express yourself. It can serve as a stylish accessory and complement your look. A phone case may demonstrate your interests and hobbies. It can show your opinion and attitude to certain things. And, in fact, it may feature whatever you want. Besides the image, you may also have your text written on it. You may have several nice cases for your smartphone and change them, depending on your mood and occasion. You can have cases for holidays, for example the one for Christmas, featuring Santa, or a case with a patriotic pattern for the 4th July.

However, you are free not only to customize your own phone case, but do that for other people. It’s a great gift idea, which is suitable for everyone: family members, colleagues, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend etc. The most important is to know what phone the recipient has and what he or she likes. In addition, it’s possible to customize a phone case to promote business and advertise some things. For example, you may have the logo of your company printed on the case for yourself and the employees. In such a way, you will advertise your company every time you speak by phone in the presence of other people or just place it on the table while drinking coffee at a cafe.

The phone cases may serve as giveaways for the customers or possible clients of your company. In addition, you can sell the custom cases as your company’s souvenirs. By making a bulk order for cases, you have a chance to get custom phone cases cheap as many companies provide discounts for large orders custom phone cases iphone.

How to Make and Get a Custom Phone Case

The two basic places, where you can buy personalized phone cases, are brick-and-mortar and online printing stores. The number of online stores is much bigger and it’s easier to make an order there as you don’t need to leave your home for that. Moreover, there are more chances to get cheap custom phone cases there as the prices for online printing services are usually lower. The majority of online shops, which deal with printing of customized phone cases, also offer a great number of possible designs. Thus, if you don’t know exactly what you want, you may have a look at what they offer. As a rule, such companies don’t deal with mass production of the cases and that’s why, there are high chances that a few persons will have the same case like you.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to become a designer of your own phone case. You don’t need to have any special skills or talents as this process has been much simplified. There are several ways of how you can create a custom cell phone case. The easiest way is to use an online custom phone case maker. Such apps are available at many online stores, which deal with printed goods. To order a unique case print, you need to choose the model of the case, download the image you like, arrange it on a sample of the case in the way you like and make an order. This method is suitable for everyone, from children to elderly people.

Besides the image, you are also free to make some other changes in the design of the case. You may add your text there (for example, your name or a phrase, which inspires you), choose the color, size and font for it. You may also place some icons or small images there as well as combine several images on a single case and make a collage. If you know the basics of the graphic design, you can create the entire design on your computer and then provide the printing company with the ready design. Or, if you just want a certain pattern to be printed on the phone, you can just upload the necessary picture and ask to print it on a certain type of case.

The Cool Ideas of Prints for Customized Phone Cases

If you make up your mind to customize your phone case and don’t know what print to choose, we’d like to help you by providing 10 ideas of cool prints for custom phone cases, suitable for your personal use as well as being presented as gifts to your beloved person, friends, parents and colleagues.

Personal Photos

The photos are the best choice if you prepare a present for a close person. Besides being beautiful and useful, such a gift will show your feelings to the recipient of the present and demonstrate your care. Custom photo phone cases may feature one favorite photo or a collage, made of several photos. The latter variant is good if you have many beautiful photos and can’t decide which one is more suitable for being printed on the case. Meanwhile, one photo may have a special meaning. For example, the one, taken during your first date, will be a great print for anniversary present.

Nature Pictures

Nature pictures on phone cases are suitable for many occasions. Such images are rather neutral and the cases, featuring them, may be presented to a great number of people, from a close friend to a colleague. The colorful images of mountains, forests, fields, waterfalls, oceans, seas, lakes may help you to create a unique print on the case. The close-up photos of nature, like the ones featuring dew on a green leaf or a macro image of a flower, look very stylish. If it’s a present, you are free to add the custom text with your congratulations, an inspirational phrase or a person’s name as well.

Motivational Phrases

Many people need to have some push to start doing something. If you know that the motivational phrases help you, put the one on your phone case. It may be just a phrase on a monotonous background or the one, written on a more complicated design. The phrases may be different. You may use a quote of a famous personality, sayings, your personal words or even a single word (like “Believe” or “Dream”). The cases with motivational words may serve as presents as well.

Customized Cell Phone Cases Featuring Hobbies

While creating a custom phone case, it’s possible to showcase your hobbies and interests. If you are proud of what you do, don’t be afraid to demonstrate that, especially if it’s something original. If you like painting, you may place the image of paints or pencils; if you are fond of sports, use the images of the attributes of your favorite lg replacement parts kind of sports; and if you collect certain things, they may be also featured on the case.

Travel Images

The fans of travelling would definitely like travel prints for their phone cases. The images of beautiful cities and countries can become a very cool decoration for your phone. You may use the images, found on the net, or download photos from your own travels. The latter variant will serve not only as decoration. It will keep memories from the trip you had and make you recollect those wonderful moments every time you have a look at the phone. And, by printing the photo of the place you’d like to visit, you will get inspired to make this dream true.

Animalistic Prints for Custom Cell Phone Cases

The images of animals always look cool. You may use the pictures of both wild animal and pets. Just think about what animal you like more or with what animal you associate yourself (or the person you want to present the case to) and place its image on the case surface. You may print the photo of your own pet as well. In addition, you may use animalistic prints. It can be an image, featuring an animal’s skin. The most popular are the ones of zebra, tiger, leopard and snake. Any other image within this theme can be used as well. For example, the dog’s or cat’s paws imprints look extremely cute.

Funny Images

If you have a good sense of humor and want to raise the mood not only to yourself but also to the people, who surround you, choose a funny print. It can be a funny cartoon character, an animal, your own photo, a short joke etc. Funny phone cases will definitely be liked by your friends and many people. However, if you have a business or any other serious meeting, such a case may make people think that you aren’t serious. That’s why, leave it for everyday life and parties, but not for serious events.

Art Prints

Art looks great wherever it’s used. Artistic prints for mobile phone cases are a very good choice, which will show you as a person with good taste. If you give such a case as a present, the 100% satisfaction of the recipient is guaranteed. Any type of art can be placed on the phone case. It can be an abstract art, created with the help of graphic design programs, or, even, a reproduction of a famous painting. You may also place your own works on the case and it will be the most unique variant iphone replacement parts for you.

Custom Made Phone Cases for Couples

If you are in love, you may want to have many things, which make you closer to the person you love, even if he or she is miles away from you. It’s extremely cool to have custom mugs or custom T-shirts, designed specifically for you and your beloved person.

The custom phone cases can be also designed for couples. They may serve as wonderful gifts for birthday, anniversary or be presented without any reason. They may feature your names, your common photos, the expressions of your love to each other, love-related images like hearts, angels, teddy bears in love etc.

Beautiful Patterns

Besides various kinds of images, you may also order a custom print of a simple beautiful pattern. The varieties of patterns are great. You can find flowery, animalistic, marble, lace, artistic, knitted, polka-dotted, check patterns and many others. The patterns may be rather subtle and don’t attract too much attention, while, at the same time they show your personality. Or, vice versa, if you aren’t afraid of experiments, choose a crazy pattern with bright colors and strange forms. It may help you to demonstrate your creativity and desire to stand out from the crowd.

Now, you see that it’s amazing to have a personalized phone case, which may show your personality. It turns your smartphone into something original, which can’t be bought at ordinary stores. Moreover, such a creative gift will be highly appreciated by the one, you present it to. It will show your care and individual approach to the gift choice.