Why is an IVR system is a Must Have for Businesses?

Why is an IVR system is a Must Have for Businesses?

You must have heard automated recorded messages when you have dialed the customer service number of any bank. An IVR system or cloud telephony technology is us

You must have experienced automated recorded message instructions when you have dialed the customer service number of any bank. The message would have asked you to navigate the dial pad and contact a support agent. This is an IVR system or a cloud telephony technology.

An IVR system first greets a caller with a welcome message followed by a series of menu options and finally connects the caller to a suitable agent. It is a must-have system for every business. In today’s world, businesses face fierce competition and they have to deal with a lot of budget constraints. For businesses to gain success, seamless communication with customers is a must for gaining trust and loyalty.

Why an IVR system is a Must Have for Businesses?

Businesses need to communicate with customers and potential leads for various reasons such as product inquiries, queries about products, etc. For managing communications, you need a huge staff to be available. But the drawbacks are huge investment costs on staff, chances of operational inefficiency, and round the clock in availability.

In such a situation, implementing an IVR system is the best step to take. An IVR system is economical, has zero chances of error, and is available round the clock. Most importantly, an IVR system does not let you miss a single call from potential leads and customers. Below are the top 9 reasons why an IVR system is a must-have for businesses.

1. Non Dependability on the Availability of Live Agents

An IVR system allows businesses to have smooth customer support and businesses no longer need to depend on live agents completely for resolving every simple inquiry from customers. This means that an IVR system provides a self-service facility to potential leads and existing customers so that they can resolve simple queries by themselves. In this way, an IVR system ensures every lead and every customer is valued and appreciated. This naturally builds customer loyalty and satisfaction.

2. Facilitates Personalized Experience for Customers

An IVR system is available round the clock boosts customer experience by providing each of them with a personalized experience. When an IVR system is integrated with a tool such as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, agents can get all the necessary information about the customers and potential leads, thereby making agents handle the inquiries well. Agents would be able to deliver customer experiences as per expectations.

3. Enhanced First Contact Resolution

An IVR system enhances the first contact resolution of queries. This is because an IVR system is the front face of businesses’ that customers approach. Since every inquiry is resolved in the first call itself, an IVR system is the best first contact resolution maker. It is a dependable tool that allows potential leads and customers to get connected to the right agent and get their queries resolved quickly. An IVR system does not waste the time of both the customers and the agents in addition to ensuring customer satisfaction.

4. Very less Chances of Human Errors

Big companies generally have a huge volume of incoming calls when compared to small businesses. To manage this huge volume of incoming calls, agents should be capable of handling them without creating any errors in the dissemination of information, resolution of queries, etc. This is ideally impossible considering humans are prone to errors and mistakes that might affect businesses at large. An IVR system, on the other hand, being an automated system, can eliminate such errors and ensure that every incoming call irrespective of the volume being high is managed well with the same consistency. An IVR system removes the burden faced by agents and also can filter the incoming calls according to the responses received and route the calls to the right agent with suitable skills accordingly. An IVR system is very systematic and organized.

5. Boosts Agent Productivity

As explained above, an IVR system removes the burden faced by agents in managing a huge volume of incoming calls, thereby boosting their productivity. This is because agents would be freed from handling the calls and can focus their efforts and time on resolving other complex queries. Moreover, since an IVR system connects every caller based on agents’ skills, also known as skill-based routing; this ensures that every inquiry is solved effectively, which can lead to good levels of customer satisfaction. In short, it can be said that an IVR system improves the brand image of businesses.

6. Reduced Operational Costs

An IVR system reduces operational costs as not only do businesses have to spend huge amounts of money on hiring and training their staff to handle incoming calls, but also an IVR system itself is economical and does not need huge investments. An IVR system is an automated system that can manage a huge volume of incoming calls easily and businesses can very well operate with a small customer support team.

7. Can Help Monitor and Analyze Each Incoming Call

An IVR system can help monitor and analyze each incoming call. Businesses need to deliver great customer service to every caller. Great customer service is achievable only when the queries of callers are resolved effectively by agents. Businesses cannot compromise on the quality of customer service being delivered as it can impact their image. An IVR system understands this and ensures that high-quality standards are maintained as managers get to record and analyze the performance of agents during each call. The system can identify and help improve loopholes. Parallelly, customer behavior and responses can be analyzed as well through several key KPIs.

8. Builds Brand Image and Reputation

An IVR system can build a positive brand image and a good reputation for your business. This is because an IVR system is designed in such a way that great customer service is offered to every incoming call. Customers get the feeling of being valued and cared for when their queries are resolved immediately and effectively. If the customers are happy, it builds a good word of mouth, good reputation, and brand image for your business.

9. Reduced Call Abandonment Rate

An IVR calling system ensures that every incoming caller gets the information needed. This results in reduced call abandonment rates since customers are highly satisfied since their queries get resolved quickly. Lower call abandonment rates indicate less frustrated customers, long-term association, or customer loyalty and thereby increased revenue for your business.


In this digital world of today, every business needs to communicate and support customers well apart from ensuring that great customer service is delivered. An IVR service is a great technology to help your business grow in a positive direction. All your business needs are the right IVR service provider to start with. Office24by7 Technologies is the best IVR service provider in India your business can trust. Get started with us by calling us at 91 7097171717 or through email at sales@office24by7.com.