What are the Different types of bulk SMS?

What are the Different types of bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS marketing refers to the use of electronic messaging by businesses to communicate with customers by Providing information about products and services t

Bulk SMS marketing is a form of electronic messaging service used by businesses to reach out information regarding products and services to leads, and existing customers in bulk form. This means that a huge number of messages are broadcasted or sent to the general public to convey important information.

Bulk SMS marketing is the best way to create awareness amongst people regarding your business. A wide audience can be targeted and reached instantly using bulk SMS services irrespective of geographical location.

Bulk SMS marketing provides an interface wherein all you need to do is upload the list of contacts to whom the messages need to be sent and click on the send button. The system is automated and delivers your text message to the entire contact list after filtering the DND phone numbers.

Many different industries from different sectors, even government agencies are using bulk SMS services to spread vital and valuable information to the general public, creating mass awareness. Let us now know about the different types of bulk SMS.

Types of Bulk SMS

The most effective and affordable way of marketing your business and increasing revenue is bulk SMS marketing. Bulk SMS is divided into two main types; Promotional Bulk SMS and Transactional Bulk SMS, both of these have been described in brief below;

Promotional Bulk SMS

Promotional bulk SMS is a form of bulk SMS marketing that as the name suggests promotes your business to customers and leads through offers, promotions, coupons, discounts, etc. It is also called marketing SMS or business SMS and is the cheapest way to promote your business.

Promotional bulk SMS marketing can drastically improve your sales and is used by retailers, travel agencies, e-commerce firms, etc. Bulk SMS marketing text messages are numeric in nature and the entire, latest information can be sent to leads and customers in a matter of few seconds. Moreover, text messages that are of promotional type are delivered to all registered members except DND numbers. Generally, all the promotional bulk SMS marketing messages are sent between 9 AM to 9 PM and the maximum word limit is 160 characters.

Transactional Bulk SMS

Transactional bulk SMS is a form of bulk SMS marketing that is used to communicate with clients by sending different SMS updates as well as alerts. Generally, this type of bulk SMS marketing is used by banks, financial institutions, travel agencies, academic institutions, airlines, etc.

For example, educational institutions can use transactional bulk SMS marketing for sending notifications about parent-teacher meetings, report cards, exams, student attendance, etc. Examples of transactional bulk SMS include OTP SMS, banking information, order status information, tracking information, etc. Transactional bulk SMS is alphabetic in nature and can be delivered round the clock. Moreover, transactional bulk SMS are delivered to DND phone numbers also. They are of high speed in quality.

Transactional bulk SMS marketing is in turn subcategorized into the following types;

Service Implicit: This type of bulk SMS marketing is used to send informational messages, OTP, and alerts to customers. It is delivered to DND phone numbers at any time of the day/night. These types of SMS are sent through a 6-character alpha Header approved for your business in DLT platforms.

Service Explicit: This type of bulk SMS marketing is used to convey information regarding offers, discounts, and other updates to existing customers. Like service implicit SMS service, this type of SMS is delivered to DND phone numbers at any time of the day/night and is sent through a 6-character alpha Header approved for your business in DLT platforms.

Unicode SMS: This type of bulk SMS marketing allows you to send SMS in regional languages to target and reach customers effectively. Generally, the character limit for this type of SMS is 70.

Benefits of Bulk SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing has many benefits to offer from being a smart mode of communication, and cost optimization to convenient integration. One of the main benefits offered is that it can easily reach the target audience once you have a database collected.

Bulk SMS marketing not only helps generate new customers but also helps in retaining customers for the long term. Since the read rate of bulk SMS is very high compared to emails, the rate of success with bulk SMS marketing is also very high.

Bulk SMS marketing can make branding easier as it is highly effective in the promotion of your business. With the best bulk SMS marketing service provider, you can even customize each SMS.


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