How to Configure and Customize an Interactive Voice Response: Do’s and Don’ts

How to Configure and Customize an Interactive Voice Response: Do’s and Don’ts

Now a days so many companies and industries using IVR Solutions inorder to provide best services to their customers and they can interact with live agentuse s

It has been observed that companies across a wide range of industries are using IVR solutions to streamline customer service. Customers can interact with a live agent or use self-service options with IVR technology, as opposed to conventional telephone systems.

These days, many customers opt for self-service options to get the information they need without having to speak with a live agent. Studies indicate that IVR systems have a negative impact on call abandonment rates when they are poorly designed or performed. Intuitive Voice Response systems are abandoned for a variety of reasons - ambiguous menus; unsync recorded instructions, and lengthy wait times.

How to Configure and Customize an Interactive Voice Response (IVR): 7 Do’s

1. Customer needs should be reflected in IVR menus

IVR systems that don't provide the right self-service options often lead to customers abandoning calls. To enable customers to access relevant information or assistance without hassle and delay, keep the menus simple and unambiguous when configuring the IVR. IVR menus should also reflect callers' needs and interests. In order to make bill payments, the IVR should allow users to do so without following a series of steps.

2. Include a live agent option

Nowadays, customers prefer self-service options to live interactions when getting information or seeking assistance. Although self-service options are available, most customers prefer to speak with a live agent. The IVR solution needs to allow callers to speak directly and quickly with a live agent. In addition, callers should have the option to bypass self-service options and talk directly to an agent through an IVR service provider.

3. Navigating the IVR should be a priority

The welcome greeting should be kept short when configuring an IVR service. The menu prompts are played quickly, so the call abandonment rate is reduced. In addition to making the IVR solution easy to navigate, you should also make it easier for callers to obtain relevant information. A multi-level IVR menu will only add confusion to the caller and may lead to IVR abandonment.

4. Directly and Quickly Send Callers to voicemail

Customer service can be provided round-the-clock with IVR solutions hosted in the cloud. Dedicated live agents are required to handle customer calls after business hours.

If no live agents are available to answer incoming calls outside of business hours, the IVR solution must transfer them directly to voicemail.

5. Maintain a Minimum Level of IVR

IVR system with multi-level self-service options allows callers to access more relevant information. It is nevertheless imperative to maintain a simple and short menu structure in your IVR system. Prevent callers from listening to prerecorded instructions by limiting the menu levels to three. Call abandonment rates can be reduced by reducing IVR levels.

6. Professional voice overs should be deployed

Cloud-hosted IVR systems come with built-in text-to-speech solutions that enable businesses to quickly create and customize messages. The recordings must be reviewed and edited to ensure their clarity and audibility. When a robotic voice is used for menu options and prompts, the menu options and prompts sound artificial. In order to record engaging IVR recordings, you need to hire professional voice over artists.

7. Embrace existing business solutions

IVR solutions hosted in the cloud can also be integrated seamlessly with existing enterprise applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Google Sheets. By integrating these two systems, businesses will be able to enhance their productivity and personalize their customer experience.

How to Configure and Customize an Interactive Voice Response (IVR): 5 Don’ts

1. Don't add more options

IVR solutions that offer too many options often cause callers to abandon the call. Adding more options confuses callers and delays customer service. It is important to keep the list of self-service options short and unambiguous while configuring the IVR solution.

2. Customer information shouldn't be repeated

Personalized customer service requires specific information from IVR solutions. When the IVR asks for the same information repeatedly, callers often abandon the call. It is important to ensure that customer information is collected once and reused throughout the customer journey through the IVR system.

3. Menu options shouldn't be changed frequently

IVR menu options are constantly being tweaked by businesses to improve customer service. Callers are often confused and irritated when IVR menu options frequently change. The menu structure should not be altered frequently after the IVR system has been implemented.

4. Make sure you include a callback option in your message

IVR systems are abandoned by many callers due to long wait times. If you provide IVR callback options, your customers won't have to wait. Customers can leave their telephone numbers here and the business will call them back.

5. Take a look at speech recognition solutions

In the new generation of IVR solutions, both text-to-speech and speech recognition are supported. By giving voice commands, businesses enable callers to select self-service options. IVR solutions must be capable of recognizing and responding to each voice command accurately before implementing speech recognition solutions.


Improved IVR design and operation can significantly reduce call abandonment rates. The flexibility, customization, and extensibility of cloud-hosted IVR solutions are greater than that of traditional IVR systems. Customizing and monitoring hosted IVR solutions can help reduce call abandonment rates. Nevertheless, when designing the IVR calling system, a checklist of do's & don'ts, described above is also important for you to keep in mind. Reach us, Office24by7 Technologies, the best IVR service provider in India at 91 7097171717 or email us at today!