How Can Your Business Become More Customer-Centric By The Adoption Of Cloud Tele

How Can Your Business Become More Customer-Centric By The Adoption Of Cloud Tele

Cloud telephony can help your business become more customer-centric. The most determining factor of your brand's success has emerged over the years as custome

The adoption of cloud telephony can make your business more customer-centric. Over the years the most eminent factor that has emerged as the deciding factor of the success of your brand is customer service, which has won over the parameters such as digital reach or online presence.

These days, customers have become aware and demanding like never before due to the rapid acceleration in technology and information access at their fingertips. This is propelling businesses towards changes in working methods i.e. fostering customer relationships.

How Can Your Business Become More Customer-Centric By The Adoption Of Cloud Telephony?

IVR for Guiding Callers

IVR system not only answers customers’ calls but also helps guide customers by offering a systematic IVR menu list through self-service options. Moreover, IVR can solve complicated queries by connecting customers with the right agent.

Moreover, IVR delivers customer service round the clock which is very important for the establishment of the reputation of your brand. Further agents need not remain chained to their seats with robust features like voicemail and call forwarding as they can attend calls on the go.

Toll-Free Numbers

Before calling your customers, a heavy call charge is a barrier. However, toll-free number solves this issue seamlessly.

Toll-free numbers allow customers to report problems over the phone without being charged. It is instead the overhead of the number owner, not the caller that determines the cost of the call. For customers, toll-free numbers are an attractive option since they are free of charge.

Businesses that want to reach the entire country can benefit from a toll-free number. First of all, the company doesn't charge its customers for local calls. Secondly, callers will have no difficulty remembering your business number due to the easy-to-remember number pattern.

Intelligent Call Routing

In their quest for customers' attention, businesses often focus too much on improving product quality that other critical aspects of their business fall to the wayside. Customer service efficiency is one of them.

It is this overlooked business aspect that cloud telephony brings to the forefront and streamlines to provide outstanding customer service.

By skillfully routing callers to the most expert agent, it helps businesses shorten call queues. By manually configuring these routing strategies at the backend, every caller is answered in the shortest amount of time. Secondly, it intelligently distributes calls among departments by identifying queries in advance.

Understand Customer Expectations by Recording Calls

For a company to succeed, it must have a growth-oriented mindset. This requirement is perfectly met by the cloud telephony solutions. Businesses can chart their growth by listening attentively to the calls and understanding the concerns and expectations of their customers.

In addition to improving your existing products, you can find new growth opportunities after understanding what your customers expect.

Call Analytics Can Be Used To Analyze the Performance

Businesses have gained massive efficiency gains thanks to call analytics. In the past, it was inefficient and complicated to make sense of enormous amounts of call data. However, call data analytics allows users to extract meaningful information from their data with a few clicks and drags.

A service provider's web portal provides businesses with easy access to insights derived from their collected data. In addition to reviewing customer expectations, agent performance, and call handling efficiency, decision-makers can dive into the information to review several performance parameters using cloud telephony services.

Mask the Identity of a Caller with Number Masking

The use of a number masking solution is a step toward privacy when online theft and data privacy are major concerns.

Office24by7 Technologies offers this solution for protecting the callers' identities by masking their phone numbers. A number masking solution cloaks the identity of callers by assigning a temporary phone number instead of the original one.

There are high chances of number misuse, such as cab aggregators and food delivery apps, when the phone number is shared with third parties other than the business. A number masking solution has proven invaluable.

Verify OTPs to Combat Fraud

The number of online frauds has increased, which indicates the vulnerability of online platforms.

The noticeable rise in fraud is forcing businesses to adopt newer security methods, such as two-factor OTP authentication, to combat the problem. Users are authenticated through OTP verification by cloud telephony providers. Every important entry point is protected by two-step OTP verification, including new user registrations, password resets, user reactivations, and transaction verification.


It is better to use telephony systems on the cloud. On-premise systems require substantial capital expenditures, such as telephony hardware, rack space, and electricity. Additionally, additional office space is required to install additional equipment in your business.

Telephony systems on the cloud, on the other hand, host the whole infrastructure in the cloud. With it, you do not need to purchase additional office space or equipment. As a result, business costs are reduced significantly, which can then be used for handling more critical tasks. In addition to providing disaster recovery and scalability, it can be upgraded automatically.

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