The Content Productivity Map. 4 Steps for the #localbusiness to Get Found Online

The Content Productivity Map. 4 Steps for the #localbusiness to Get Found Online

A back to basics approach to getting found online and getting the most out of the Internet.

Content is King ... for 2 basic reasons:

One, your content lasts forever online. It is real estate. The more real estate you own online, the more people can come across your real estate, and the more people will tell others about your real estate.

Once you create this content, people can visit you in your sleep.

Two, content builds trust. Trust builds business. Content comes in all shapes and sizes. Educational, promotional, video, a logo. It doesn't matter how long your content is or how short it is, "good" content builds trust.  Trust builds the business. You need your content seen online to build a business.

The Content Productivity Map

Do these 4 steps well, and you are well on your way to having the Internet work for you instead of you working for the Internet.

The Content Productivity Map. 4 Steps for the #localbusiness to Get Found Online

Add to you success online and increase productivity.

#1 - The Website - The Start Of Visibility Online

The truth is, every business needs a website of some level of quality. We are not in the age of the yellow pages anymore. Imagine a yellow page ad where a business can show a slide show of a Kitchen Company's success stories, each combined with a testimonial. That's the power of a good website.

When someone lands on your website, they need good information about you, your products and your services.  This content is evergreen and will remain relevant.  It is an investment that will provide value to you and your customers for years to come.

We Recommend: When you build your website, create a minimum of 12-15 pages of content pertaining to what you do. Businesses with "sufficient content" get found significantly more than businesses that have not made this investment. For example, if you want to get found for Physiotherapy in your hometown, it is important to have plenty of information about the physiotherapy you practice.

Make sure you work with a marketing company that does some level of research on what keywords should make the foundation of your website using tools like SemRush or another a cool free app called Keywords Everywhere.

A single page likely won't cut it because physiotherapy is a complex subject so people and GOOGLE are looking for more detail.

#2 - The Blog - It's Time To Extend Your Reach

A blog is often lighter content than the foundation of content on your website. It is intended to add value to the specific topics on your website. But most importantly, this content is easily shared. Think of blog posts like the banner behind the airplanes. You know the restaurant is there, but the airplane banner really gives you information that you can react to.

We Recommend: When you are creating Blog posts, you always link to the "deeper" foundation page on your website that pertains to the content in your blog post.

We also suggest regular (at least monthly) blog posts and share them on social.

#3 - Social Media - The "FREE" Distribution System

Social Media is the place where we can connect to people who may be interested in what we have to say. These connections are invaluable as you produce content because they can help you distribute your content throughout the web.

It takes time to build an audience. The good news, this audience will become even MORE valuable with step #4.

#4 - The Group Blog/Publication - Multiply your success by 10x!!

It's really simple, you have started to build your productivity, now what? Good content. Good distribution. NOW IT'S TIME TO LEVERAGE.

There are so many people out there in your boat. They have performed steps 1, 2 and 3. They have great content, you have great content. They have built distribution. You have built distribution.

What if...You combined forces?

We Recommend: You combine forces and build a GROUP BLOG (hosted on the Klusster platform). For every PEER you decide to work with in your GROUP blog, you add new distribution to your content.

Imagine the value of a chiropractor sharing the content from the dentist?

Imagine the content marketer sharing content from the SEO Marketer?

Imagine the value the audience sees when a trusted professional references helpful information from another trusted professional?

It's time to increase your productivity and stop working alone online.

Here's how is works:

The Results?

This business began creating content on a regular basis and built a distribution strategy for their content with Klusster.  This, combined with a website rebuild focusing on strategically selected keywords, contributed to a sustained increased in organic traffic to their website.

The Content Productivity Map. 4 Steps for the #localbusiness to Get Found Online

Next Steps?

At KLUSSTER, we specialize in helping people get found online through the power of GROUP publications.

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