Increase Your Home and Work Productivity

Increase Your Home and Work Productivity

Productivity is more than using a calendar. Check out the video to see how you can start gaining focus. Using an Organization Board creates visibility.

Did you know that studies show ONLY 39% of our workday is on your core work! That’s a 61% of PRODUCTIVITY LOSS. Many things contribute to this; keeping the focus on real priorities, avoiding the noise is the secret.

Increase Your Home and Work Productivity, PlanPivot

So how do you avoid the ‘noise’?

Simple work changes can stop the pain of lost productivity by looking for a different way of organizing your work.

Calendars focus on schedule, not value

Your calendar is designed to organize the day. Perfect, but it doesn’t help you & your team prioritize and focus on valuable work.

Introducing Organization Board (Kaban)

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PlanPivot Organization Board/Kanban Sample

Ben Manion/PlanPivot

Organization Boards or Kanban’s have been around in many forms. 1940s Toyota is credited with the unique Kanban concept. It has proven a reliable approach to solving a variety of business planning and focus from Restaurants to Medical Supply Chain and IT Projects. Every business can benefit from this way of organizing work.

Get the most of out of it

Here are Our brief tips for starting a Personal or Family Organization Board (Kaban)

  • Keep it Visual – pick a location that is central to those that need to use it. Transparency goes a long way to ensuring everyone remains focused on the same goals.
  • Keep it Flexible – start with simple supplies: whiteboard, painters tape and sticky notes. You want the flexibility to adapt when getting started.
  • Keep it Simple – Don’t overwhelm with too much rigour to start. Based on your needs, start small and grow into it using simple columns:
    • Personal – To Do, Doing, Done. Ideal for personal daily use to stay on track
    • Beginner – To Do, Doing, Target Date, Done. Great for small teams and low volumes of work

The next groupings are where outside support is essential to ensure the most success in using this new tool and skills.

  • Intermediate – Backlog, Prioritize, In Progress, Target Date, Done, add in Issue tracking, supported by some guiding rules and standard process. It is harder than it sounds to stick within 15 minutes maximum in reviewing the board
  • Advanced – Online solutions – Many tools can do this for you. Most companies already have the technology, but don’t know how to use them. While Teams are across many locations, it can be hard to grow into virtual Kanbans until the Team Members understand and have bought into the new way of organizing work through previous steps.
Increase Your Home and Work Productivity

Family Kanban

Don’t have time to get started?

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