20 Tips for a Positive New Year - 2020!

20 Tips for a Positive New Year - 2020!

20 tips for a positive New Year!

This is the time of year where people are doing some reflection about their business and themselves.  There is an old saying that there is always room for improvement.  If you feel that you or a "friend" may need to improve positivity then here is a great list from Jon Gordon to take a look at.

It is a great list to share with friends, family members and business contacts.  You may know someone who may find their work environments are not very positive or that some staff are negative sometimes.  May be time for a lunch and learn at your office on the topic of positivity.  It is a good reminder about things we already know and make common sense.   Clip it onto the bulletin board at work and put it on the fridge at home for reminders!

I hope that you find this list helpful and that it will help you have a positive year ahead!  By the way, Jon Gordon has some great books to go along with this like the Energy Bus and the No Complaining Rule.  So have a Happy and Healthy and Positive New Year!