What is virtual notarization? How Is it Different from Traditional Notarization?

What is virtual notarization? How Is it Different from Traditional Notarization?

A virtual notary appointment is a similar process to an in person appointment.The only difference is that you and your notary will communicate over the internet

Virtual notarization is the same as real-world notarization except it’s carried out over the internet. The service went mainstream due to COVID19. It has remained popular due to its convenience and accessibility.

Virtual Notarization vs Traditional Notarization

The basic process of virtual notarization is exactly the same as for traditional notarization. The notary witnesses the client signing the document. They then add their seal to the document to confirm the fact. The only difference is that the notary and the client are in separate locations.

How to Prepare for a Virtual Notarization Appointment

You will need to prepare your document(s) as instructed by your virtual notary. This generally means completing all sections except for the signature and date. You’ll also need to gather any ID requested by your notary. This is exactly the same as for regular notarization.

In fact, the only real difference between virtual notarization and regular notarization is that the client is responsible for setting up their own virtual meeting room. This means that you need some kind of online-capable device. Tablets and regular computers are generally better than phones as they have bitter screens.

You will need a webcam as well as sound so you will need a fairly decent internet connection. Standard domestic WiFi is usually fine. Public WiFi is variable and mobile data may not be up to the task. You’ll also need to make sure that there’s enough lighting for the notary to see you and your ID clearly.

A virtual notary will tell you which video calling platform(s) they use. If you’re used to video calling, you’ll probably already be familiar with the one they use. If you’re not, it’s a good idea to have a trial before your appointment. Most of these apps are, however, very intuitive.

Is Virtual Notarization For You?

If you live and/or work in an urban area, then real-world notarization might be more convenient for you. Instead of having to set up your own equipment at home, you would just pop into a notary’s office. That said, even if you do live/work in an urban area, virtual notarization could still be the more convenient option.

If you don’t live/work in an urban area then virtual notarization could be far more convenient than having to travel to a notary’s office. It could also be much more economical when you take the time and cost of travel into consideration.