A Mother’s Day Story of Hope

A Mother’s Day Story of Hope

Nina Sharma is a single mother/self-employed business owner and this is her story on discovering hope and happiness through challenging times.

I arrived home with my sons from school, both informing me that there is an extended break in March. Curious to know, I switched on the news hearing our government stated a lockdown of the country due to the spread of Covid19.

My first thoughts were, “I only bought this property last year! My children are in soccer clubs this year! I have just launched my skincare campaign and have leased equipment for almost a hundred thousand dollars!”

What am I going to do!

I know for a fact I am not the only person worrying about day to day life. It wasn’t just Canada but globally.

As I sit with a credit line that is full to the limit, no family, no real friends, and no financial help from anyone, I regretted the decision of moving me and my children back to Canada after living in the UK for 18 years.

Doubts spread in my head like this Covid19 virus, overwhelming every being in my body. More questions seized my mind and my thoughts; “Did I make the right decision? Have I messed up my children’s life? What am I going to do?”

Going back two years to January 2018, to be precise, and you were to ask me to share my life story of when I first moved here to Canada with my boys, I would have cringed and felt ashamed to tell the world that I’m a single parent. In the conservative South Asian Punjabi Culture that I come from; divorce is a subject that’s frowned upon to this day. It’s common to be abandoned by your own families, as a divorced woman is considered damaged goods. After my parents passing, this was certainly the case with me.

After long litigation in the UK, all I wanted to do was to come back to Canada to have a fresh start for us as a family. I’m not ashamed to admit the first 2 years here in Canada were not that easy. From working for a plastic surgeon to med spas to fast food restaurants, I did everything and anything to survive.

The 16 years of business studies and experience of running my own business finally paid off. I managed to get on the property ladder and started my own business, Nina L’Allure Laser Hair Removal Studios but not without taking a loan from the finance company. So, I am under heavy debt.

Fast forward to 2020

Covid19, and the world is on lockdown! What do I do now? How can I change something in the world that neither I nor anyone can change?

15 days into lockdown, I had no choice but to pick myself up again. Like the rest of the world I was anxious, self-doubting all my choices, but showing my children strength even though I was crumbling inside.

When our government announced they were providing us with emergency funds, there was a sense of relief, but the funds were not enough to sustain my business as I do not qualify for the small business loan that is available.

Several sleepless nights, tears, and further anxiety, it dawned on me to come up with a new idea for an online skincare business.

I hired a marketing team Klusster Media in Burlington, and started a New Virtual Skin Coaching campaign. Since I can’t meet my clients face to face, I can still provide a service through Online Skin Coaching services.

Nina L'Allure, Burlington, Laser Hair Removal

Virtual Coaching

This led to another realization

It is not just my local geographic market, but the whole country and globally too. I am already in touch with my UK media and support partners called House of iKons, and my media partners in India.The response so far has been positive and overwhelming for this new business venture...

My children have never seen me so happy and excited

I would love to share this story with others to empower women and small business owners who think there is no hope.

With 16 years of experience in the skincare business, I finally discovered a new way to connect with the wider audience through a job that I love doing.

My experiences, even though challenging, have resulted in positive outcomes.

Nina Sharma, Nina L'Allure, Virtual Skin Coaching

Nina L'Allure, Burlington, Laser Hair Removal

House of IKons