Section 8 Company Registration Online Process & Top Consultant

Section 8 Company Registration Online Process & Top Consultant

A section 8 company is similar to a trust or society. Get quick online section 8 company registration at affordable price in few working days. Call - 9711101954

Section 8 is a specific type of Microfinance Company. The nature of Section 8 farm is non-profit. It encourages improvement in the area of education, arts, commerce, science, sports, charity, environment protection, religion, social welfare and many more.

Section 8 companies or NGO companies are formed by such entrepreneurs who do not have any profit motive. If the Section 8 Company does generate any profit, the members or shareholders or directors cannot take any profit. Now get best deal of section 8 company registration fees.

Section 8 companies are similar to a trust or society and know the steps of Section 8 Company Registration online procedure with proper way. We offer top CA consultation services for startup company formation and also get tax-compliance at affordable price.

Register a Section 8 Company Online

  • DSC
  • Central Govt. License
  • AoA & MoA
  • All India Validity
  • NGO Identification Number
  • ROC Fees as per MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)

Procedure of Section 8 Company Registration

Section 8 Company is a non-profit organization involved in the social work for the development of the society and country. Let us know the steps of Section 8 company registration process.

  • DSC Application - Apply for the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for all of the members of the Section 8 Company.
  • Name Application - Section 8 companies should include phrases like society, foundation, council, association, club, academy, charities, federation, organization, chamber of commerce, institute, development and others.
  • Required Details - The other documents are needed as
    Email ID and Mobile number and PAN and Aadhaar.
  • Application for license of Section 8 Company registration from Regional Director, MCA (INC-12)
  • Section 8 Incorporation Forms should be filed on the Portal of MCA
  • Drafting of AoA and MoA to file applications
  • PAN, TAN and Bank Account

When Section 8 Company Registration is done to promote science, commerce, art, sports, technology, education, social welfare, social research, charity, religion, protection of environment and others. Once registration procedure is completed successfully, a Section 8 company can do its operations anywhere in India.